July Goals!

Wow. I’m already behind and slacking this month! Surprisingly, it seems like my pintrest traffic is finally picking up. I guess if you just keep pinning, eventually other people do too. Maybe that’s the secret? I also need to redo my boards because they are kind of a mess. So that’s going to be my goal this month. Rearrange my pintrest and try to grow that traffic a little.
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Also, post at least 3 posts per week, keep supporting other blogs and continue with twitter.  I don’t understand how to use Instagram at all but I’ll figure it out this year. Haha. It’s just summer and I am hosting our annual family bbq in 2 weeks. I still have to figure out that menu. I think we’re doing steak, kielbasa, burgers, hot dogs and ribs and then all kinds of salads and fries and onion Rings.  I also have a ham from Easter In the freezer so I might just make that too. I’ll probably do a blog about it once I figure out whats going on. I usually way over cook. There should be at least 20-25 people coming through and I like to send everyone home with a tray.
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Work is slowing down too for the summer. We get ‘summer Friday’s’ which is just a half day every Friday from July till the first weekend of September.  So I took off every Friday cause you use a half day of vacation and get an entire day off.
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I’m on the fence about self publishing my next book. I was going to try to get an agent and then traditionally published… It’s really hard. I feel like I am treading water a little right now between everything. I’m not sinking but I’m not going anywhere. I have to come up with the next story line and I have been hoping to hear something back from the places I submitted to and nothing yet. So, I might just go ahead and self publish this one and start the work on the next one. We’ll see.
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What are your July goals?

9 thoughts on “July Goals!

  1. We all need a “to-do” list! I have mine and my husband has his, however i call his a “honey-do” list!! Thanks for sharing yours!

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  2. It is inspiring to read about other people’s goal. I might start posting my goals because I need a better since of accountability.
    Have a great time with your family. Remember to delegate tasks to others so that you can enjoy yourself too!

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  3. Good luck with your goals (and the BBQ prep, of course). Three posts a week is, to me, super ambitious, so I hope you manage to stick to it and don’t feel too stressed 🙂 Also, I wish my work did summer Fridays, that’s amazing!

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  4. Pinterest is still on my to-do list–haven’t even gotten started yet there! I am definitely trying to be more dedicated to my blog. Promoting it every day, posting at least once a week–those are my goals. Good luck on yours, btw!!

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  5. I just checked in on my yearly goals, so I loved reading yours! I’ve hit by a ton of Pinterest inspiration, so that’s a big one for me, too—good luck!

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  6. Good luck with your goals! I don’t quite understand Pinterest. I have an account and I create pins. I repin others. But I am missing something, probably because I don’t use Pinterest as a search tool; so my activity to promote my own blog is aimless and meandering.

    Good luck with publishing your book. Very curious to see more updates in the future on how things develop for you on that front.

    BTW… the menu for the BBQ sounds good to me! 🙂


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  7. Im looking to learn pintrest and instagram more this month. It really is a lot for both of those sites haha


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