CT Things To Do Series- Adult

Welcome to Connecticut! My name is Jessica. I have lived in Fairfield County all my life and now I am raising my own family here. I really do love Connecticut. Below is a list of things we love to do and places we love to eat. I’m not that familiar with places outside Fairfield county. We tend to travel into New York if we’re looking for shows and plays. New York is only a 45-60 minute train ride from here! If you do visit and are going for a day trip into the City, I recommend taking the Metro North and subway to get around. Driving in can be annoying and parking is usually expensive. When you visit Connecticut, I recommend driving or renting a car. There’s a train and bus system that you could use to get around but it’s more convenient to have your own car if you looking to just travel back and forth between a few towns. You’ll be able to experience much more in a day if you have your own transportation.

This is my adult version. I will have family and children things to do coming next week!

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Things to do:

For Adults

Mohegan Sun/ Foxwoods – Casinos with slots, shopping and there are shows.



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I would check the websites when you want to visit. They have all sorts of shows, concerts and events here. If you plan on visiting CT, and want to hit the casinos for a night, check the shows and see if there is anything you would want to see and then make a day of it.

If you are traveling from southern CT up, there are outlets on the way. My friends always stop to check out the sales and sometimes they find really great deals.


There is also Westbrook outlets and Tanger outlets:



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I personally don’t go to the casinos because I never win. If there’s a great show going on and we can swing a free room, I would go. I went to a symposium one time for school and I stayed away from the resorts because they were pricey. There are a lot of places to stay around the casinos, so if you plan on going and want to spend the night, but don’t mind staying nearby, there are lots of places to pick from.

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New Haven has some good shows too. I went once for a Ghost concert. It was awesome. I didn’t get a chance to really check out New Haven, we do plan on taking a trip there one night to explore. I know there are some museums that are supposed to be really nice and I’ve heard that there’s a lot of good food to eat.

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I have not been to any. My book club is planning on doing the CT Wine Trail at some point. Check out this website.


It has all the wineries listed along with events and the hours.

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Connecticut has a ton of breweries. They are popping up all over. I’ve been to Two Roads in Stratford.


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Two Roads was fun. They have a great tour and tasting menu. There is a bar and shop on the way out along with a food truck that changes depending on the day. You can check the website to see what food will be there.

My husband won a private tour, so we took 10 friends. We had a blast. I think I still have the growler we took home too. Now that I think about it, we should go back. Google “Breweries near me” if you’re ever interested in touring one. I do recommend Two Roads because I have been there before. We didn’t check out the area, we had a game to go to at Bridgeport Arena, so we had to keep it moving.

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Bridgeport Arena at Harbor Yard.


Usually has shows, events and sports games. I’ve gone for a hockey game and it was a lot of fun. I know they have basketball games too.  They had a ConnectiCon that we went to once and it was really fun. They also host Expos. We went to see Disney on Ice here one winter. That was cool. Check the website to see what’s going on here. After the show, jump over to Fairfield and have some Frank Pepe’s pizza. Parking is good, and it’s right off the highway. I don’t know the area that well, but I wouldn’t suggest exploring if you don’t have someplace in mind to go to. I know that some parts of Bridgeport can be pretty rough, but I think every town has some parts that are a little sketchy. I am not sure where those parts are in Bridgeport.

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That’s if for Connecticut in this post! I will be back again next week with a list of things to do with a family in Connecticut.

Have you been to any of these places? What did you think? Did I miss anything?


3 thoughts on “CT Things To Do Series- Adult

  1. Oh this all sounds like so much fun!! We may have to plan a weekend trip to CT to experience it for ourselves! My husband and I really enjoy breweries and wineries, so those would happen for sure! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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