LEGOLAND – California Review

We went here for my Son’s 10th birthday present. It was my husband, our 7 year old daughter, 10 year old son and me. We arrived on a Wednesday and spent 2 nights. We stayed in the Castle for 2 nights before traveling to San Diego for 5 nights. San Diego Review will be coming later this week. Spoiler, it was awesome.
We did not go to the park the first day because we were exhausted. We went the 2nd day and the 3rd day after we checked out.
Hotel Parking.
Not hard to come in. It took about 10 minutes to get the mirror pass to hang.  Doesn’t look like there is much self parking. A lot of valet but valet is not included in the hotel package. I think we were lucky to find a self parking spot.
hotel parking
Check in.
Very fast and friendly and the employee filled me in on times and made a dinner reservation for us. She answered any question I could come up with.  We were about 20 minutes early but they were able to get our room ready in 10 minutes. We were traveling since 3 am and we tried to wait till 1 ( I paid the $70.00 for early check in) but we just ran out of steam and needed to get to our room. I sent the kids on their first scavenger hunt while I waited for the room. They get one scavenger hunt a night. I read some people had issues with the room safes not being refilled, we did not have this issue.
It was chilly the first day. Hotel pool was nice. Deep end goes to 5 feet. There were plenty of chairs. A waitress comes around to ask if you want anything. They have drinks and food you can order at the pool. You get towels when you walk in. My son loved the huge floating legos.  Hot tub we didn’t use. It always looked packed but it was chilly out so I am not that surprised.
We made a reservation at check in. Not badly priced for a resort. We ordered the birthday package so we got a cake but we were so tired by the end of the first day we took the cake back to our room and went to bed. The kids liked their meals and we enjoyed ours.
The second night we ordered pizza to our room from Knockout pizza. This was a place recommended by the employees and we thought it was really good.
I loved the hotel. I love the attention to detail. Like the lights flicker in the hallway like they’re candles. I liked the wallpaper and the carpet throughout. There are lego figures all over and it’s just really cool. There is a store and my son used his gift card from the birthday package here. The employee that worked there was really nice and she could tell what was in the mini figure bags just by feeling them. That was really cool because my son was looking for a couple ones he really wanted and she was able to find them. No need to trade.
The room is fun and wonderful. We had the deluxe with balcony/patio. Our room overlooked the courtyard. The Kids bunk beds were really cool. I loved that they had their own separate area. The bathroom is huge. I like that there are a lot of places to hang towels, bathing suits. Etc. I like the focus on recycling here. There’s a mini fridge and a keurig. Hot chocolate for the kids and coffee. We got 3 hot chocolates a day and 2 coffees, the will refill daily for free or for $5.00 if it’s the same day. The beds are comfy. We requested more pillows because we love pillows and they eventually brought them.
I really liked the space in the room.
The light in the little mirror in the bathroom didn’t work. That was my husbands only complaint because he tried to use it to shave. We did not report this as it wasn’t that big of a deal on a 2 night stay.
My daughter played with the in room safe while we were there and managed to lock her goggles in the safe. We did request someone come help us but we were in and out of the room most of the day so even if they did eventually come, we probably missed it. We ended up leaving the goggles behind because we didn’t feel like waiting.
The only thing that’s weird is the ice machine/vending and microwave is located in the north side of the hotel. So we had to walk all the way around for ice and microwave. That’s not terrible through.
I forgot my razor.  I always forget something! And they had complimentary disposable ones at the front desk.
There is a number to text to request things.
Breakfast buffet:
The buffet was really good. It had something for everyone. I was able to have my lox with onions, capers and cream cheese. When you sit down they ask if you want any eggs or omelets and how would you want them cooked. You can ask for a coffee to go as well. I really liked this, as did my husband. The kids didn’t really care about the breakfast, they ate and then wanted to play at the play place in the front and they also wanted to go out to the playground in the courtyard and play there. The playground is pretty awesome.
Lego Land – The Park.
I can’t tell you about the water park the days we were there, it was kind of cold so we decided to skip it and just ride the rides. I heard that there are not towels at the water park. You can buy them or bring them from your hotel.
If you stay at the hotel you get early access into the park. Early access is 9:00 instead of 9:30 and there are a select number of rides you can get on before they open the park at 10:00. I thought that was a little weird because everyone was waiting to get into the rest of the park. You can’t even walk around past a certain point until 10:00 because they had the walkways roped off.
The kids loved all the rides. I am not a fan of roller coasters that go upside down and luckily, there are none of these at lego land. My favorite roller coaster was the dragon coaster. That was cool.  The rides really were fun. I personally loved the mini lego land world. I thought it was so cool to just walk through and see all the lego creations. The kids did not trade any of their mini figures, that is an option when you go anywhere. we ate at the Ramen place the first day. My husband had stir fry and I got the ramen with pork belly. It was yum. We shared each thing. My son loved his Ramen and my daughter wasn’t a huge fan of it. They do sell wine and beer at the BBQ place in the middle of the park. We ate here the second day. My son had the ribs and they were dry but my husband also had the ribs and his were really good. The brisket was amazing. My daughter had the chicken finger and fries which she ended up sharing with her brother. My husband and I got a platter and shared that between the 2 of us. it was $85.00 for the 4 of us to eat , I shared a meal though so it easily could have run over $100.00 for 4 people.
Some of our favorite rides were the dragon coaster, the birthday boat ride, the swinging ship ride and Ninjago was fun. My son loved that they has a place to play lego on playstations. We all sat there a couple times to rest and play.
I really  liked Lego land a lot more than I thought I would. That was what surprised me. I think that we easily could have spent another day or two here. At least one more to go to the water park. We did walk through the aquarium on the way out and it was nice. It wasn’t huge and I thought it was a little weird how all the tanks were just open on top. I’m use to the aquarium by us and everything is closed. The Aquarium itself is nice. We could have probably spent more time here but the kids were getting tired and they wanted to get to the next hotel.
I did read a bunch of reviews on trip advisor that complained of loud noises traveling fairly easily and the walls were thin. We didn’t notice any of that. We are from the east coast and we were still on east coast time (3 hours ahead) so we all crashed around 7pm both nights we were there. We all slept well and I didn’t hear any neighbors.
I would totally visit Legoland again if my kids wanted to when we visit California again. I think after 12 or 13, the rides might be a little boring for kids but there is something to do for everyone. We spent 2 nights here, I think we easily could have spent 3. Between the food, room, gift shops (about $100.00 on Legoland souvenirs in the park), birthday surprise package, early check in, 2 day park passes, the total for 2 nights, 3 days was a little over $2,000.00.
Next up, I want to go to Universal with everyone so that will be at the top of my list next time.

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  1. I remember being a kid going to Lego land in Windsor this looks amazing I hope they had the best time ever ! Such a great family day out

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