June Goals

It’s the end of May tomorrow. I can not believe it. May went really, really fast. My blog did alright. I did not accomplish as much as I did in April, but that’s okay. I took a little break this month and I really needed it.
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I did my first blog review for a product that I received. I had to promote for a week, that was my part of the deal.  I looked forward to it because it sort of gave me a week off from having to think of new things to  write about and I thought I could use the time to get ahead on a few blogs… I didn’t. I took the time off, except for promoting the product review on pintrest and twitter. I caught up on a few blogs that I read. I wanted to spend a lot more time reading other blogs and supporting. I did when I could but I always wish I had more time. It’s really hard to work full time, have two kids and a husband and blog full time too. So I think I will switch my Goals for June.
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June Goals: I would like to at least stay the same in views and traffic. We are traveling for a week this month and I plan on taking that week completely off from everything and spending time with my family. I know my views and traffic will drop off but I will be back. I plan on supporting my fellow bloggers by reading, liking and commenting on their posts. As for my posts, I would like to post at least 10 new ones. I am working on writing a YA fiction book on the side too so that’s taking up some of my time as well. For that book I plan on querying at least 3 agents. I will promote the book I have published with at least one post. I have sold 5 of those to date. I hope to sell a couple more next month.
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I think that’s pretty much it for me for June. What about you? What are your goals for June?

6 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. Thanks, for sharing your June goals. Glad to hear that you got a product to review!
    I hope to write 3-5 posts and to get more followers on both IG and Twitter (reach new milestones).

    Loren | Plaidandsugar.blogspot.com

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  2. May has flown by, hasn’t it! I like the honesty in this post and the recognition that it isn’t always about reaching higher numbers each month as you may take a break or you might choose to write less often; both of which are totally okay (and sometimes necessary for our own sanity!) Well done on your first review!

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  3. I found May has been a really slow month. I would like my blog views in June to beat my May ones.
    I hope you achieve your goals!
    Thank you for sharing.

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