Perfectly Imperfect. That’s me.

I have a scar right in the middle of my scalp on top of my head. I have had it since I was a baby. My mom said I had cradle cap and I scratched it so much it scarred and no hair ever grew there. I made up stories about it when I was little because I got made fun of a lot at school. Now I don’t mind it, I actually like it. I also tell the truth about it now because “falling down the stairs and getting my hair ripped out by a piece of bubble gum” is a little far fetched…
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I have a chicken pox mark/scar right in the middle of my forehead from when my sister and I got in a fight because I gave her my chicken pox so she scratched my face.
I have a huge scar on my right knee from when I was learning how to ride a bike and I skid across my friends gravel driveway.
I have a few Acne scars on my face from picking because I don’t know when to stop. I still don’t sometimes.
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I always thought my fingers were fat so I never wore any rings except for my engagement and wedding ring. I am proud of those. Now I think I have normal size fingers but I still don’t wear any additional rings.
I have a mark on my neck. It’s a dark spot on my skin. It appeared when I was pregnant with my daughter and it never went away.  My old boss once asked me if I had a hickey, I wondered if that’s what everyone else thinks.  I don’t mind it.
I’m pretty sure one nostril is bigger than the other. I am also pretty sure I am the only person who knows this.
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I hated my legs. I think they are huge and until I had kids, I never wore shorts unless I was away on vacation. Now I wear shorts when it’s hot out and I don’t mind my legs to much except after the winter when they are so pale I am pretty sure the sun just reflects off them.
I have laugh lines and forehead lines, bags under my eyes and crows feet when I smile. That’s okay with me. You can always tell exactly what I am thinking by looking at my face. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, sometimes it’s hysterical, but all the time I am happy about that.
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I don’t know why it crossed my mind today that some of the things I used to be so embarrassed by about myself, I actually don’t mind them now. Maybe it’s me getting older, Maybe it’s because I gave birth to 2 babies and after that, I mean a lot of people saw a lot of me, so maybe the little things just don’t matter as much. Or maybe I am more grateful for my pretty healthy body as I get older and want to take better care of it so I appreciate it a lot more.  It just crossed my mind this morning when I looked in the mirror and I thought, “Not to bad. You’re alright!”
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What about you? Is there anything that you use to be so embarrassed about and as you get older, you like it?

16 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect. That’s me.

  1. I used to feel that way about a lot of things about myself. My big forehead, my small bottom, my big chest. Now, even after getting a breast reduction for health reasons, I don’t care what others think about me.

    Great post!

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  2. I loved reading this! It definitely captures fears and embarrassments we have all had or still have. It’s amazing to see your journey overcoming them! ♥️ As long as you are happy, you are beautiful!
    I have two scars I had received at a very young age. I pulled a pot of boiling water over myself and got third degree burns. The skin graphs are raised, rough, odd looking shapes and as a kid I hated them. One is on my stomach so it was easy to hide, but one was on my upper arm. I wouldn’t wear a swimsuit top for a long time, just t-shirts. But now, like you, I don’t mind them. They are a part of me and my story!

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  3. I have a huge brown mark on my forehead that appeared when I was pregnant with my first son and it just turned darker with my second. I’m learning to live with it. So happy to read you’re accepting of your scars! You’re an inspiration. Love your blog!!!

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  4. I love this! I used to think about all of my imperfections a lot as well. But like you, I have come to not mind them. You have proven that behind the imperfections are stories and snippets about who we are. They are what make us unique and special, and I love that.

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  5. You’re totally right. We need to love ourselves and all our imperfections. I’m starting to notice lines around my eyes when I smile and it still kind of bugs me. But it’s all part of what makes aging beautiful!

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  6. So much of this rings true! And all of the interspersed quotes remind me of my favorite: “you have to be odd to be number one.”

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  7. I love this! “Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.”
    My sister used to try and feel better about her body by pointing out all my “flaws.” Thankfully it just fast tracked my thinking. I realized I have to accept the things I can’t change and improve the things I can.
    My hands and feet have always been big, but I can’t change that. Instead I focused on what large hands (or hands in general can do). So I can reach more keys on the keyboard, more strings on the guitar. I can hold my children and bake and paint and build pottery.
    I’m grateful for hands that work and all the other inadequate, beautiful things that function.

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  8. I have a similar scars, like a chickenpoc scar right between my nose and bridge between my eyebrows, and one on my right knee from a fall as a kid. My mam used to say growing older meant you didnt care about appearance as much, not in a let yourself go kind of way but in a not obsessing over every imperfection so much , which so far is the case. I used to hate the birth mark on my nose and the surgery scar on my stomach, but they don’t bother me as much now.

    Ash |

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  9. Scars are beautiful. It means you lived. You have experience. My husband and I first met for what we called a “coffee and scars” date, where we pointed out all our scars and the stories behind them.

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  10. I’ve always had a big nose. My family always used to tease me that I inherited my dad’s nose – but my dad is really my stepfather. He has a big nose too and it is similarly shaped… but I always used to get so mad when they would tease me. Now I don’t really care.
    I used to always be self-conscious about my mouth/lips being small, so I would never wear anything beyond a nude colored lipstick because I thought that something brighter would call attention to how silly they looked. Finally, I said “screw it” and bought the colors I wanted to wear. I am still self-conscious sometimes, but I don’t let it bother me like I used to.

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