The Avengers Family Movie Review – With one hundred million spoilers.

Do Not Read this if you don’t want to know what goes on in the Avengers movie!!!
This a family review and spoilers are part of the reviews.
Come back after you have seen it and let me know what you think!
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Usually we go to the movies on a Tuesday night but this movie was already sold out when we tired to buy tickets last week. We got our tickets for Wednesday night and tried not to read any spoilers before going to see it. I totally read a few spoilers. I mean between this movie and Game of Thrones, which I have never watched, I would have to keep my head under a rock not to read or see anything. The kids had also heard a few things from friends at school. So we knew a few things going in. I also know a lot about Game of Thrones now too.
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Here we go:
My Review: I liked it. I thought it was well executed. I thought it took a little long to get them all back together. But I understand why cause they had to explain stuff. Some parts I didn’t get, but I liked the way it worked together. It made me think about the past movies and what I missed. But how did Captain Marvel know to find Iron Man in space? Like she didn’t know that fury was dead till she got back to earth so what did the page do?
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Husband Review: It was okay. It was really long. I loved that they started with Hawk eye. I love that the marvel started with Iron man and it ended with Iron man. For being 3 hours it didn’t feel like it dragged on but there were a lot of pieces to that movie and they had to fit a lot of stuff in. So for a while they forgot about Captain Marvel. But they did a really good job tying it up and bringing Thanos back into the conflict. I wanted to see more Hawk eye. Tony was excellent in the movie. A lot of people got closure. He got to meet his dad. I like that they were like fuck it, you have to deal with it.  It’s 5 years forward, you have to deal with Trauma of loss and they brought people back after the fact and they didn’t reset like back to the way it was before.
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Son Review: it was really good movie and I liked when 50% of the population came back.
Daughter Review: Isabel feel asleep half way through.
Niece Review: it was good. I would watch it again.
Sister Review: I liked that black panther came back and then everyone else did. I didn’t think they would come back. I hated that iron man died. I knew he was going to because that’s what Dr strange was talking about. But to see it was something. I didn’t know about Hawk Eye to much. I didn’t get that story. I like how they flashed backed and tied it to the movie. I recalled stuff and it showed a different version of the  story then what we saw the first time. I would watch it again.
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Overall, everyone would recommend seeing this movie. We don’t know if you absolutely have to watch this in theaters. I do think it’s a good movie and would recommend it. I think it stands by itself, I don’t think you need to have seen the other movies in order to see this.
Did you see it already? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “The Avengers Family Movie Review – With one hundred million spoilers.

  1. I haven’t seen any other Marvel films but my boyfriend dragged me to see the last Avengers and this one and I have to say I knew who nobody was or none of their back stories but I really enjoyed it. I thought the end was dragged out a bit but I understand they have a lot of loose ends to tie up, apart from that I really enjoyed it.

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