May Goals!

Good Morning Everyone! I am so happy with April. I hit my little goals and did even better than I expected. I still have not made any money ($1.00 in Ads over 3 months…) but I did get my first sample that I am currently trying and I will post a blog about in a week or so. That was exciting.
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I had my first Guest blogger! That was pretty cool. It made me happy. If you would like to guest blog, please click on the work with me tab above! And if you would like to check out his post, it’s called “Accepting Life As Is”. Check it out!
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My May goals will just to be to keep everything consistent. I would like to hit the same growth numbers as last month and I would like to continue to support my fellow bloggers and meet new ones. I try to set aside time at night (after I feed everyone) to sit down and read and like and comment back. My goal is to do this at least a few times a week. Some nights are easier than others.
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That’s really it. What are your goals for May?? How was your April?

11 thoughts on “May Goals!

  1. I love how you are focused on the consistency! One of my friends recently pointed out that it takes 7 years to become an “overnight success”. And I had to recognise that’s putting in the consistent effort.

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  2. Focusing is the key in blogging for sure. For me, May will be focused on affiliates more and to get more traffic to my site.

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  3. Congrats on hitting your goal and then some! I have for the first time written down my goals for May and am looking forward to working towards them in the coming month.

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  4. I’m glad you managed to meet your April goals! I’m not setting any goals, I’m just trying to focus on actually posting once a week, as I’ve struggled in the past to keep up to it. Consistency is definitely a good goal to have.

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  5. Yaay for an awesome April! My goal was to get 600 views in the month and I achieved 622 despite taking the Easter Weekend as an almost total social media break πŸ™‚

    My view goal for May is 650 and I want to figure out how much engagement I’m seeing a month.
    I also want to look at my routine and think “is this serving me”, I’ve gone from big evening commenting sessions to little chunks throughout the day – so I’ll do 3-5 at a time then do other stuff and then repeat a few hours later.

    I hope that you attain your May goals πŸ™‚

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