Monthly box subscriptions

I always look at monthly box subscriptions and I always want to try some but I never know which ones to buy and I get really overwhelmed looking them up and then I just give up and never actually order any.
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These are a few of the ones that I looked at.
I just think these boxes would be cool to get. To me, it’s a little pricey but I keep looking at it. One day I will take the plunge and do the annual subscription for a year. The yearly fee is $270.00 for 4 quarterly boxes. I think it would be fun to try this for a year. Maybe that’s what I’ll get myself on my birthday.
The Allure Beauty box looks really cool. . And for $15.00 per month it seems doable.
Birch box is one I have heard before. My coworker had it. She loves getting samples so she enjoyed this box. She said there were some samples that she didn’t care for and she didn’t renew her subscription after a year.
This $15.00 a month.
Kawaii boxes
I actually did order one box for my daughter and she looooved some of it. I think I loved the things more than she did. I might order it again when she gets a little older. It’s $22.00 per month. Honestly, the things I kept, I still have.
Loot Crate:
I have looked at this to get for my son. It’s $20.00 per month.
beef jerky boxes.
Because I love beef Jerky. It’s $28.00 per month and I think both my husband and I would enjoy this. I still might get it. My husband has been in the habit of trying out beef jerky recipes at home so I haven’t actually needed to buy any beef jerky in a long while.
There are other food ones, there are fashion boxes, makeup…. There are monthly boxes for everything and if I could afford it, I would probably subscribe to as many as possible. It would be like Christmas every day. It would be awesome. But then I would have to clean up, and there would be a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t use, so then it would be a waste. That is my exact thought process every time I look at these things. Then I close all the tabs and I don’t order anything.
What’s your experience? Do you get a monthly box? Have you tried monthly boxes? Which ones do you love?

5 thoughts on “Monthly box subscriptions

  1. I used to get one called Wellthos – I never subscribed but I would buy the boxes as a one-off most months. It used to have healthyish snacks in it and a little piece of fitness equipment. I really enjoyed the snacks and it introduced me to some brands I probably wouldn’t have otherwise come across.
    Unfortunately they stopped trading earlier this year 😦 and I’ve not found another similar (and affordable) one. I find that a lot of the boxes tend to be beauty based which isn’t a niche I’m so into.


  2. I love lootcrate, but usually, when I get subscription boxes, I always love to get the ones that have pizes in them like anime, manga, figures, and funko pops. My current favorite right now is the Crunchyroll subscription box.

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  3. I feel the same way! I get overwhelmed with the idea of a monthly box, I always feel that I could just buy the things I want instead of paying x amount of dollars a month to get stuff I maybe wont use. I have looked at “Frank and Oak” which is a monthly clothing box…but I still haven’t caved in to try it.


  4. I am exactly the same as you! I would love to sign up to some subscription boxes but I never know what ones to go for. Some of these look incredible you should definitely take the plunge and purchase one or two.

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