I wanted to write a really great blog today but the truth is I am feeling a little down on myself today.
I ate a lot over the weekend, there was cake and pizza and steak and wings… I drank beers.
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I just feel really huge today and my stomach hurts. I didn’t actually gain anything according to the scale, but I just feel gross. Like a big fat blob.
It’s Monday too, so that doesn’t help. I am off work the rest of this week.
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I will try to post some blogs but I will be taking the kids with my friend to an indoor water park tomorrow through Thursday. And even though I feel like a whale, I will be getting in a bathing suit because my kids will want me to play with them in the pool and they don’t care if I am feeling gross. They just see me as Mom with or without the 10 pounds I keep losing and then gaining back. So I will Suck it up (or in, but not really because who the hell really cares) and have fun.
I hope you all have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Today

  1. I get stuck in that feeling so very often when it comes to putting a bathing suit on. Body image is so difficult for me. And my kids demand I play with them at waterparks too! (which I love!) I’m not sure how you get around it, but I have water shorts and wear a tee shirt over my suit. It helps me. Hang in there! 🙂

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  2. I understand how you feel.

    Sometimes there are days that I just eat and eat and eat. And then I feel all gross about it. And kids don’t really care what weight you gain. They care that you are their parent and they want your attention from them.

    I work with kids for my job and when I go to work with a gross feeling, they don’t pay attention to that. They still ask me for help and ask me questions and create conversations.

    I hope you know you can always reach out to me over on twitter. My username is @faizablogs

    Don’t be a stranger.

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  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend and that’s always a good thing. Never regret those times! They keep us sane. And yes. That’s what’s wonderful about kids. They love you and you are the mom and are their world. Such a great thing! Love life and have lots of fun this week! Great post!

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  4. Everyone has these days! I know exactly how you’re feeling. You’ll feel better tomorrow! Have fun at the water park, I’m very jealous.

    Charlotte | x

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