Facebook ads and me

I got a $15.00 credit on Facebook to run an ad for promotion. I figured, why not?  I am running it for 10 days and it’s free, it’s free promotion, right? So I started it yesterday, yesterday morning actually and it’s been approved. I picked to run it to a target audience of ages 18-65 with interests in motherhood, amazon kindle and parenting. I am running it for my newest book “Having Children and some things they don’t tell you.”  It’s a short book on some of the things I learned after I had kids. My expectations verse the realities that I encountered. This is the link if you all are interested and would like to help me out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKB848R
Having Children... and some things they don't tell you by [Acosta, J]
 We shall see if this can generate any income for me, or visibility. That’s what I need more of. I also am super active on twitter this weekend. I got a lot of new views and new followers. I am up to 150 now! That’s insane because my goal for February was 100.  Maybe I can hit 1000 by the end of the year. I talk about numbers and stuff but the truth is  I actually really love blogging and writing. It makes me happy and the fact that anyone is reading me is just super encouraging.  According to the promotions manager in Facebook the ad has reached 33 people and 7 people engaged with the post. It’s cost $1.33 and I haven’t sold a thing yet. Haha.
Anyone use Facebook ads before? Have you had any success with it? What has been your experience?
Also, if you are interested these are the links to the books I have written. They are all short and I would really appreciate it if anyone would read them and shoot me some feedback or leave a review on Amazon.
This was a tough book for me to write. It’s a lot of the traumas I went through and the things that forced me to grow up a little.
Growing by [Acosta, J.]
Kissing all the frogs: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L1HPVX5
A short book on all the stupid relationships I had that eventually lead me to my husband.
Kissing All The Frogs by [Acosta, J.]
Working my way through life: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K72DRZD
A short book on all the jobs I have had throughout my life and things that each job taught me.
Working my way through life by [Acosta, J.]

4 thoughts on “Facebook ads and me

  1. I’ve tried Facebook ads before and it has been… unsuccessful 😦 I think it could be great to promote local events, my partner had quite of a success with that. Why do you do a “meet and greet” of your books at a local coffee shop and promote the event with ads? This might be an idea to sell some of your books.


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  2. Facebook ads are brilliant if you have a decent budget and back defined goal. Having a target audience of 18-65 and Kindle fans is way too vague for £15. Even £100. If you only have a small budget you need to slim down your audience drastically, maybe pick a specific blog post and target what a potential reader would look like. For example if you wrote a blog post about Harry Potter, set up your address for click throughs, target a younger age bracket, people who have liked Harry potter pages recently and people who actively click through to websites. You’ll have better results that way.
    Hope this helps x

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Facebook ads are still one of those ways that can improve the sale of products/services. They just need to be “made” well.

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