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February Goals have been Smashed!
Good Morning Everyone! I hit my February goal with a week left to go! I am so excited and happy. I love blogging and just putting my stuff out there and meeting new people. I love reading other blogs and supporting fellow bloggers as well.
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I started this blog to make myself write again. I write whatever is on my mind, or what I am going through with the kids or friends, or just me.  I post about things that I  love or things I want to do. I want to try to give my dream of being a writer a real shot. I wrote a couple books, they’re on Amazon. I am trying to find an audience that would actually care to read them. I choose self publishing because I have 2 kids and I was sending out inquiries and they all said we will get back to you in 4-6 months or not at all cause they are busy. Suddenly, a year would go by and I wouldn’t have heard anything and I would be right back at the beginning.
Also,I challenged myself to really put the work in this year and try to get this blog going.  I plan on posting one blog every day that I work and maybe more. Like today, I took off because my husband is home now so we took the day off to run errands and hang out. And here I am, writing for my blog because I love it.
Seriously, I love you guys. You are so encouraging and I truly appreciate it.
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So far I am trying to grow a following. I am using Twitter and the writing and blogging communities have been really amazing in helping me grow my followers. I am up to 2,693 followers right now and every time I post a blog it automatically posts to twitter. I figured out how to had add the hashtag in January and that has really helped in me getting traffic to my blog. Also, there are groups that you can follow and they retweet if you # them. Throughout the day there are follow trains that you can leave your latest blog. They have a Follow Friday where everyone posts people they like and you can follow new people easily and usually they follow back. Seriously, in January my goal was to get to 100 so if you are active on there, it’s pretty easy to grow a following. I also don’t always post only my blog, I post things here or there that I think and I interact with the people I follow by commenting and liking their posts. It does take time but it’s worth it. I’m @sambel08 if you would like to follow me. I will follow back!
I signed up for Facebook and joined a bunch of indie author groups and blogging groups. I friend requested a ton of people in those groups and I have like 600 friends. I created an business page and invited everyone to like it. All my blogs automatically post to that page. Sometimes I post them to my personal page. I get some traffic from Facebook. I haven’t really had time to sit and explore it yet, maybe this weekend I will get a chance.
My page there is:
I signed up for Instagram. I have no idea how this works. I have 79 followers right now. Yesterday I had 83 so I have no idea what I am doing. I barely post on there because I haven’t had a chance to really look into it. That might be another weekend. I feel like it’s a lot like twitter in that there are people that follow you so that you follow back and then they un follow you so their numbers go up. I might have to do a purge on who I follow this weekend. My name there is Sambel203. If you follow, I will follow back.
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I signed up for Pintrest. I just learned how to pin my blogs to my boards and I am trying to learn how to grow my followers on that and then how to pin on other people’s boards. This is one place I think will help give me significantly more traffic to my blog, I hope! So we’ll see.
This is me on pintrest:  I will follow back here too!
My blog has grown so much in the last 2 months. I went from 1 follower to 126! That was my goal for 2019! Now my goal is 750 and I really think I can achieve this.
With my blog I have paid for the premium membership so I can try to monetize it. In 2 months I have made 13 cents. I don’t know if it’s worth upgrading to the next tier yet cause I am still just putting in the groundwork. It is a lot of ground work. I do really enjoy it though and I am really happy to meet so many cool new people from all over the world.
This year I hope to just keep growing and hopefully sell a few books along the way. I am going to keep writing everyday and I really looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.
What’s your favorite social media to use to promote your blog? How do you use it?
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Happy weekend everyone!

16 thoughts on “Social Media and My Blog

  1. Congratulations on your blog growth! Twitter has been amazing for me. I haven’t figured out how to make mine grow on Pinterest, so if you figure it out please write a post giving more tips! 🙂

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  2. What an inspiring post! I’m still trying to figure out where to go next as well. I already have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (I just followed you!), and just switched to the business version of WordPress as well. So far, I have not made much money on my sites as well, but that’s okay. I am working on a book right now, so hopefully that will be my next big break! I’ll have go look on Amazon and check out your books! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have an amazing day.

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  3. I believe that each platform has it’s own pros and cons – Twitter is a GREAT place to network with other bloggers, while Pinterest drives the most traffic back to my blog. I started a group on Facebook where I am encouraging bloggers to connect, ask questions and support one another.

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  4. I think it depends on what you blog about. I am focusing on Facebook and Instagram as I feel my readers probably aren’t on platforms such as Pinterest. That said, a digital marketing person told me that I should focus on one at a time so that I can learn it well and gain a following before going to another. I guess it is all up to the individual though and really, you do what works for you! 🙂

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  5. Hello, congrats on your social media/blog growth! I also wanted to tell you about a blog post, of mine, that helps with Instagram Follow growth. I hope it helps!

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