Bath note

My husband is away for the first time ever. 6 days. 5 nights. 3000 miles away. My daughter is not taking it well…Actually, none of us are. My husband and I have our chores divided. We balance each other. It’s really hard to not have my husband here to help. I think I am over compensating right now. I am like doing everything immediately. I have way more patience than I normally do. You want a snack, you got it! You want this thing that I know you can do for yourself, sure thing! There is almost a load of laundry, I must do it right now and fold it and immediately put it away. Like things that I normally would leave till later have more of a urgency because I know if I leave it till later, it’ll still be there.  It will just add to the list of things that need to be done for the house to run as always. I’ve also been walking the dogs. Something that was husbands chore always. I wonder what my neighbors are thinking. Do they think he left me? We had a huge argument last weekend. I am sure it was heard outside if someone was there. Then I laugh at myself. I am such a drama queen.
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On the other hand I found myself coming down on the girl today a little bit and my husband would have checked me at that point, or tagged me out so I could calm down… But without him I just kept pressing until she finally was like “I am trying to just calm down mommy!” and then I had to check myself. And all this was over me changing the plans cause we had seen a movie and went out to lunch and I was like maybe we should do ice cream tomorrow when we all actually want it. She was upset because we deviated from the plan. And my son was happy cause he just wanted to get home to his video games. But on top of it she’s 7 and dealing with her father being away for the first time ever… So I really should have backed off. I just was tired and thought like I had taken them out all day already to a trampoline park, and a movie, and then lunch, why is she giving me a hard time about ice cream?? … But I am the adult and I should have stepped back. I apologized to her and we talked about it later. I put them to bed and took a long hot bath and relaxed. 3 1/2 more days…
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I was talking to a friend today and I was telling her how weird I felt with my husband being away and she said it’s weird for her when her husband is home. He works so much that they are use to him just not being there. And I thought, wow. Everyone’s family functions so differently. How does yours function?

2 thoughts on “Bath note

  1. I feel that I would be just like you, my husband is home every day and the day he has a long trip and doesn’t come home everything is out of whack, even my dog misses him


  2. Interesting. My wife and I circle the globe for 8 years now, so it feels weird when we are apart. But it feels good too, for a nice change up. We do spent much time out of our comfort-familiar zone though, being world travelers.


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