Jewelry and me

I am not big on Jewelry. I have always liked small pieces and vintage or antique styles. I use to look at Erica Weiner all the time. Some of her pieces are really pretty. It’s worth taking a look!  My sister in law brought me to a place in the city called Cat Bird and I recommend taking a look at their pieces too. They are really pretty. I currently have my eye on this ID bracelet:
Short ID Bracelet image
For my jewelry I keep it light. I have a necklace. It says mama. It was my gift on mothers day after I had my second child. I have an engagement ring and a wedding band. We put 10 diamonds in my band when we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary. I have two earring holes in each ear.  In one ear I have an Iolite stone for Isabel (my daughter) and the other ear has a Sapphire stone for Samuel (my son). Then a small diamond in the other hole.
Acrostic Alphabet Studs
I have a ID bracelet that reads SIRJ. Sam, Isabel, Ray (husband) and Jess (me). Also, that’s the name of our company that we are working on building! I have an anklet that I just like, it’s just really thin and I love it. That is my jewelry. What does yours mean?

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