Book Club

About a year and a half ago I decided that I really missed my friends. I mean, we get together but it’s usually with the kids and we hang for a couple hours and then that’s it. So I organized a book club. I asked my friends that enjoy reading if they would like to join and most of them said sure. It started with 6 of us and only 3 of us really read the books we picked for the first 2 months. I held it at my house and everyone brought their kids and they all play in the family room or the back yard. Everyone brought a dish and a bottle of wine, or a couple beers and we sat and ate and talked about the book for 30 minutes or so and then talked about life for another 2 hours. Then we picked another book and made another date. Now everyone is reading the books, and we picked up a couple more people on the way. Also, we now go to brunch without the kids because honestly, my house was a disaster after everyone left and my husband would be annoyed because we would have to clean. So brunch has been better because we go out for a couple hours and then we pick a book and a date and a place and meet again in a month. I look forward to these brunch dates and so does everyone else!
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Book Club has been great. I love all those girls so much and it’s really nice to just get together and talk. I really do recommend starting one with your friends if you like to read!

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