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So my daughter (Bel) came home from  school super upset last week cause this girl who’s a known bully but is friends with a lot of Bel’s  friends (so Bel tries to keep it friendly) has decided to move on to a new way to make people feel bad. She went from making clubs and telling people they aren’t In the club anymore to making lists and crossing people off as she sees fit.
Is it possible to hate a 7 year old?
I told my daughter to ignore the girl and be friends with who she wants.  Even as I say that I know how much easier it is to say it then it is to do it. Especially when you are seven.
Anyone have any good advice to give a 7 year old when her friends are being mean?

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  1. I think we should start a club that direclty hates 7 year olds haha. No but serious I have a 9yr old and 6 year old and I try and instill in them their own self worth so that other peoples ugliness does not effect them as much. I was bullied relentlessly as a child for my weight and shabby clothes from growing up poor and one of 5 children. I know how much it hurts to be left out or made fun of. But, you know what. I am a bit different and my difference is what makes me special and so dang valuable to the world. I tell my kids to embrace their differences and learn to laugh it off. I had to learn to laugh when everyone was laughing at me. Know I have an awesome sense of humor and a wonderful life. Not sure if any of that helps but that is my experience. Thanks for writing.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I agree with everything you said. I was the same too! I had no friends till middle school and I wore hand me down boys clothes. So I was pretty unpopular. But same thing. I found that a Sense of humor goes a long way. Thanks again!!!


  2. I have 3 daughters and have worked in a lot of different capacities with girls and young women. It breaks my heart to read what you wrote, but please know this is pretty common in “girl world”. I wrote a book called “Grow Yourself Beautiful” and I address kindness and love that is needed in the girl world. My book addresses many of the stressful pressures our girls face and won’t fix everything– but it will help you both help her shift focus from these kinds of girls to building/”growing” herself so she can feel less affected as she runs across these types of girls. I try to explain them as well…they are usually very insecure girls who are finding their way and lacking in self love. It will help your daughter take back her power…and give the “mean girl” less power in her life. I wrote the book because I find most girls really do face the same pressures and it’s nice for them to know they are not alone! Hugs to your daughter (and you mom because we feel what they feel)…and here’s to her empowering herself! xoxo


  3. From what I have seen, kids can hate someone one day, and be best friends with them again two days later. My Dad always used to tell me “Be the better person”. Not so easy to work out at age seven, but good advice.
    Thanks for following my blog, that’s kind of you.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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