Crazy hair day

Yesterday was crazy hair day at school. I don’t know why the school does this to the parents. Pajama day is so much easier. Crazy hair day in my house means that we have to google lots of crazy hair ideas the night before  and then scroll through all the images until we can agree on something that is manageable in 15 minutes or less. My son does not take part in this, be prefers to wing it in the morning.
My daughter decided on a spider style complete with 8 legs / braids. Then we had to search her room for the bun hair thingy.
Once I brushed her hair I put it in a high ponytail and put the bun sponge whatever it is in. I spread her hair around it and secured it with another hair tie. Then I went to work braiding 8 arms. It was more time consuming than I imagined. This is the finished product:
Image result for spider hair
Then we made eyeballs and stuck them on the front with a little tape.
My son decided that he wanted a Legos in his hair. So my husband spend the morning gluing Lego men to hair clips. This is what it looked like when finished:
Image result for crazy hair day lego
Of course we got to school and my Daughter decided that she wasn’t actually sure she liked her hair… but she went anyway. All in all the kids hair came out pretty good. However, I am pretty sure I forgot to brush my hair, I am wearing two different color socks, and I forgot to finish my makeup… But I am dressed. And we all (barely) made it to school and work on time. So there’s that. I’m hoping the next school thing is hat day… That is so much easier!
*** These are not my children, I couldn’t upload the pictures I took of them so I googled the pictures I used when doing my kids hair.

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