Making Slime this weekend

This is the recipe we used.
My daughter made slime at school last Thursday and they sent home a piece of paper with the ingredients on it. She was so excited and she begged me to make slime with her and her brother this past weekend. I was like sure, we have nothing planned except hanging around the house and running a few errands so it would give us something to do together. Saturday morning we went out and ran our errands and picked up the ingredients. When we got home, I was tired but I figured that we should make the slime first so that way we have it out of the way and they can play with it.
I have never made slime before. My kids didn’t really have any desire to make it or play with it so I guess I kind of lucked out until this past weekend. First off, it gets freaking everywhere. I mean it’s made with Glue and shaving cream and you have to stir it for a loooong time… And then pour it out and knead it. We added food coloring for color and sparkles because I hate myself. I don’t know why teachers would do this with children, or how they get through something like this with out screaming at everyone. Hell, I broke out the bourbon half way through. My son complained his arms hurt and his neck hurt from kneading the slime for 10 minutes… And in the first 5 minutes I was cursing myself out for making such a huge ass mess that I would have to clean up…
Eventually it all came together and the kids actually made some slime that stuck together and not to everything else. And then they actually played with it for most of the day after that. They liked it so much that we made another batch Sunday but this time we knew what we were getting into and we were a little more prepared for it. It went smoother and then we ran out of ingredients (thank the lord).
Will we make slime again? Probably. Will this be a weekly thing? Absolutely the fuck not.

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