Garlic Vodka Recipe

Crush a bunch of garlic. Throw it in.
Fresh dill. A couple stems. Throw it in.
Vodka. Pour over.
Place in fridge for a week.
My recommended drink:
A teaspoon or so of honey. I microwave for 5-10 seconds to get it soft.
1 or 2 shots of garlic vodka.  Depending on your mood.
Juice if one or two lemons. Depending on how many shots.
Shake of salt.
Combine and stir.
Fill cup with ice.
Garlic vodka also works really well in a  Bloody Mary.
Next I will be cutting up jalapenos and pouring tequila over it. I hope this will be spicy so I can make spicy margaritas! I’ll post how it goes.

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