Trying to get Anyone to read a self published book with little promotion

Anyone have any advice? I published a couple short things on Amazon and I am not sure I really understand how it works. It says to run promotions and enroll in the KDP Select. What does that mean? And what do you get? I did this like 2 months ago and I have not had one person read anything. I just went back in and added a countdown to Amazon UK. I just don’t know what that really does. I don’t really understand how to promote something on the Amazon site.
I will do some more research but has anyone had any success with this KDP publishing? Did you promote on other websites? I signed up for twitter. I joined a bunch of groups. I am working on getting followers, posting blogs and getting blog followers. I paid to upgrade my blog for a year since I was really going to try to get it up and going. I have made 2 cents in 2 months. Thank god I have a day job! I did go from 1 follower to 6 though, so that’s promising but I get maybe 1 hit per day. I just think I have to keep it going.
Do you use any other platforms to promote?
 I am giving myself a couple years to really invest what time I do have in this. Really give it a try instead of mailing things out and waiting 8 months and hearing nothing. I am working on just writing everyday again. I did that for the last year and I am going to keep it going but now I am adding blog posts in daily as well. I really want to realize this dream.
So, what’s been your experience and what would your advice be to someone just starting up?
Also, If you would like to review a short book please follow these links:

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