Dead Dad Impostor dream

My mom walked in the back door telling me she has a surprise for me and she seems so excited.
She says “Jessie!!! You’ll never believe who I found?”
“Who?” I yell as I come around the corner.
“You’re father!” She says.
I stop for a moment. My father has been dead for 6 months now. I hesitate and turn the corner into the kitchen. Standing in the doorway is a man who looks like my father but everything is slightly off. His hair is long and his skin is tanned. He comes up to me and hugs me and immediately starts talking.
The bull didn’t kill him, he says. The bull kicked him in his stomach and he threw up and the next thing he knew he was lost in the woods for months. Explaining the long hair and tanned skin. His teeth are different though and the way he speaks is wrong. His hairline is off.  When he’s done explaining he says “I like to be naked” And strips down to his underwear in my kitchen, then starts walking around my house.
My mom is so happy she can’t even stand still. She is bouncing all over explaining how the police called her and she went to the station and there he was.
I stop her “Mom, we saw him dead at the funeral home. You saw his body on the farm before they took him to the morgue.”
She brushes off my logic as if it was all a dream.
And it is a dream. I wake up and there is no weird man walking around my house naked. My father is still dead. What a weirdo dream though. Why can’t I have an actual dream where I get to talk to my actual father?
This might be a good start to horror movie though!
Anyone have weirdo dreams of their dead parent?

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