Aquaman Review

I love Tuesday’s. It’s half price movie night so we all go and get popcorn and a drink and relax. We took a couple Tuesday’s off because Christmas and New Years but now we are back and the first review of the year is …  Aquaman!
I love Jason Momoa. I just do. He seems so fun and the fact that him and his wife fell in love over a Guinness just makes my heart happy. So I will go see pretty much anything either one of them are in. Also, I would love to have a pint with them and me and my husband. That would be a good time.
I like Amber Heard. She did an awesome job in this movie. I liked her strong character and I look forward to seeing her in more movies.
Nicole Kidman has been in so many movies I really enjoyed. I just love her as an actress and as the mom figure in this movie.. I just like her as a person. She seems so genuine.
First off, my review. Everyone has good hair days in the ocean and  I want to live there. I thought it was a little long but good. Like 2 wines are perfect. They didn’t rush the story too much  and there is a lot of story. Why is Aquamans thing a giant crustacean? Really Aquaman? You command the entire ocean.  And side note, is it okay to wear sweat pants to the theater? Cause I totally did.
My niece voted this movie most ambitious crossover cause dinosaur island is Jurassic park. She thinks the ocean master is a stupid name. That’s where she laughed literally out loud. “Call me the ocean master!” This will now be a joke. I will say this when we go away this summer in whatever body of water we may be in. I will also say this when I am cooking thanksgiving dinner. But it will be “call me the ham master!” And “call your uncle the turkey master!!” I’m corny but I’m awesome.
Isabel fell asleep after snacks.
Sam thinks it was good. He said more dinosaurs. I can tell he liked it though cause he watched the entire thing and barely talked!
My husband says he liked it. It was fun, not to serious. Even in the dark you can see what’s happening. And who knew Patrick Wilson could be a good villain?
My sister says. She liked it. She liked the story line. Some was too animated. But she liked it.
Overall we all liked it and I would recommend it.
Have you seen this movie? What did you think?
Next week is Mary Poppins.

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