How do you get WordPress followers?

How do you go about getting followers on your blog? I started writing again last January and I was doing really good with writing daily. I self published a couple short books on Amazon, I haven’t sold any yet but I did it! I started the blog a long time ago. I didn’t post much to it because I wasn’t really sure what to use it for. In November I decided that I was going to try to make a push and see if I can really get followers and people that would maybe read my book.  I challenged myself to post one blog everyday I work. So not on the weekends, holidays or vacations. Those are for the family. If I do have thoughts over the weekend I use Evernote and write them down so I can remember come Monday.
My husband suggested Twitter so I joined that and I have found a really great and welcoming community #amwriting #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #writerslife are all really supportive!  I have 119 followers on twitter and one new subscriber to my blog, bringing that total to 2! I am still not bringing any traffic to my blog. I did pay for the upgrade to premium and I have no idea what that really does yet..
So my question is, how do people get readers? Do you need to add pictures? Does adding links help? What helps? Any suggestions on how to find new readers and promote my things?
I work a full time job and have 2 kids in elementary school, husband, 2 dogs and a turtle so there is only so much time I have right now.

1 thought on “How do you get WordPress followers?

  1. It’s really hard and time consuming to grow your blog. Writing it is such a small part. I too work and have a family but I’ve had to put hours of promo in.

    For WP get liking other bloggers posts and following them. People will discover you that way and hopefully like you back. The cap reader is a good facility for finding new people to follow and liking and commenting on their posts regularly.

    Set up a FB page and set your blog to auto share to FB and Twitter. Lots of people swear by Pinterest and Instagram but I can’t be doing with another platform to learn and use. Like you say only so many hours in a day.

    Join FB book blogger groups. Interaction is a big part of getting noticed.

    Search SEO and learn about using categories and tags. Theres some great posts on WP.

    Good luck.

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