Beef Jerky

This past Friday I ran around an did all my grocery shopping after work. My go to store is Shop Rite for basic groceries and then every other week I hit up Costco to pick up the big things we need. This past weekend I was a little hungry when I got to Costco and I saw a big bag of Beef Jerky. I was like I need this. It was sweet Korean something, I don’t know but I couldn’t wait to get home and dive in.
I got home and my husband and I both tore into it to snack while we put everything away. It was disgusting. It was like wet beef jerky. I never in my life returned something I had started eating but I spend almost $15.00 on this and it was gross. I ended up returning it the next day. Even the guy at the return counter was like this just sounds gross! I was like it’s wet. I can’t. So, this lead my husband and I to decide to try to make out own.
We both googled a bunch of recipes and decided to try this one. We went to Stew Leonard’s and pick up a cut of beef and my husband got to cutting and seasoning. Our first batch took 4 hours in the oven and it came out delicious. It was really good. Last night my husband cooked the other half of the batch at a lower temperature for 6 hours.  Now we are inspired to try other flavors. I think we are going to buy a dehydrator too. We’re thinking the next batch will be some kind of teriyaki. Eventually I want to try using other meats and lots of different seasonings. I can’t wait!
Does anyone have any good recipes? Is there a dehydrator that you love?

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