Losing weight or trying to

This is an on going thing for me my entire life. I always thought I was heavier than most of everyone. All my friends seemed to be on diets, my mom was always on a diet. So naturally I was always concerned about my weight as well. I was always up and down throughout middle and high school. By the time I graduated I was at 170 lbs. That was it I thought, I was huge! So I went on a diet of one wendys meal a day (junior cheeseburger deluxe, small fry and a coke) and I walked and smoked pot when I was not at work. Seriously, my friends and I would go for walks for hours and just talk and chill out. I lost 20 pounds and felt awesome. I pretty much maintained that weight till I got pregnant with my Son when I was 27. Then I went up to 198. After I had him I was determined to get back to the 150’s so when he was 10 months I got a job and ate 1 yogurt a day, cleaned constantly and squeezed in the gym here and there. I ended up getting back down to 150 in a couple months. Then I got pregnant with my daughter. I went up to 185 with her then dropped back down to 160. I never managed to make it back to the 150’s. I went the opposite way. I packed on 30 lbs over the last 7 years.
I have tried to lose weight. I went on weight watchers and lost 12, then holidays and I gained it back. Then I went on weight watchers 2 more times and didn’t lose a thing. I just hovered around 180 for years. Almost 2 years ago we inherited a elliptical machine and we bought a  rowing machine. Last year for the first 6 months I was on weight watchers, working out on one of those machines every morning and 3 times a week I was lifting weights with my husband in the garage. I also walked 2 miles each day at work.  I lost not even 1 pound. People said, “Oh, you’re gaining muscle!” You don’t gain 2 pounds of muscle a week. Then my dad died and everything blew out the window. I didn’t care about working out anymore. I was drinking just to go to sleep. I wasn’t sleeping very well… I’m still kind of a mess actually. But I am on a waiting list to talk to someone in a few months, I hope. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimotos Disease. I am told that my thyroid is still functioning so we have to check every year and I don’t need medicine for it yet.
My OB gave me Metformin to help lose weight. She said it sometimes helps people with PCOS lose weight even though is a diabetes medication. At first I was like hell yeah, sign me up! Then I started taking it. You start off slow, 1 pill a day. Then after a week you go to 2 pills a day. One the third week you take 3 pills a day and after 3 months your supposed to meet up with your doctor to see how you’re doing… I got to 2 weeks and I just didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to take something that I really don’t need. I spoke to my co-worker and she said he husband was on it for a year and he just had to go for a ultrasound of his liver and kidneys. He was also gaining weight back. He has thyroid issues too. It could be (and probably is) completely unrelated, but I was already on the fence about it all so I spoke to my doctor and stopped taking it.
Back in October my husband and I did an elimination diet where we cut out everything except chicken, fruit, veggies and wild Salmon. We both ended up losing weight. Him 15 lbs, me 10. The issue with the elimination diet is we weren’t eating normally and now that we went off it and went through the holidays we are both pretty much back to where we were at when we started. So now we are going to start over. I will be posting on here my progress… or lack of progress. We’ll see what happens. Our plan is to start this weekend with just adding more activity back in. And getting back on the machines in the family room. I will start walking again at least a mile extra a day. I am back up to 182 this morning. My goal is 152. That’s when I feel my best.
I know it’s the new year and lots of people are starting new programs, is there one that works for you? Do you love something and recommend it?

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