The Rock

I had this place I loved when I was growing up. I called it the rock because that’s what it was. A big rock that lead into the mianis river. I went swimming here a bunch of times but mostly I would go and lay around and write or sing or do whatever I wanted. No one was ever there. There were enough woods around it that I felt like it was private. It was like my special little place. Then someone built a house on it. A few weeks ago I drove past and there was a dock on my rock. I was really sad. Then I was mad. It was so beautiful and I wish that I could make enough money to buy that house and that dock and then I can sit on it with my kids and we can go swimming… But that’s a far dream right now. Anything over there is easily over a million and I can’t afford that. I wish a book would sell a lot and then I could buy it.
Did you have a place you went to when you were growing up? What was your place like?

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