I woke up at 3:00 AM because I had a nightmare. In my nightmare I was stranded in a car on the side of a long highway road and there was an old inn across the street. Of course I went in and got a room and it was a creepy little girl and her father that ran it. When it was night time the house came to life and I watched their entire family get murdered one by one and it turned out the murderer was a cat. Nobody survived except me, barely. I was injured and bleeding heavily and passed out. When I woke up it was the next morning and I was fine.  It was weird. The girl liked me and that’s why I survived and we decided to drive into town in the morning. We were walking out of the inn to my car, the one that broke down the day before, and I could feel like I am almost free.  There was a car parked behind me with a family and their car had broke down so they were walking in to see if there was a room available. The little girl said “of course! Come on in.” and I kept walking to my car and it turned on just fine.  I looked back and the little girl was checking them in and staring at me smiling.  I couldn’t leave because I knew what the family was going to go through and they would die,  so I waited outside for the killing to start. I could actually feel my anxiety while I was waiting. Then I woke up. So I have no idea what happen.
Anyone have any creepy dreams lately?

1 thought on “Nightmare

  1. Hello. Yes. I have had some nightmares. One in which I was with a group of people and we were rounded up, then we had to go through cavern out into a field and all around were men who were dressed in loin cloths and native dress who were standing there. We were told that we would have to run to get to the other side of the field to get to the other cavern. We ran as we did, the men in the field had their bows and arrows out and started shooting. Most of it made it most didn’t. I made it with 3 arrows (felt like needles). We had to go through a series of these fields. then I woke up. I say its a lesson to be learned.


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