Happy New Year!

To everyone,
 I hope you have a happy and safe new year! Like Christmas, ours will be low key this year. I don’t even know if I will make it to 12:00! We’ll try to stay up and watch the ball drop. I’ll make some snacks. New years day we’ll just chill at home and relax. I might make Stew chicken or something from the freezer. I have no plans to go all out. I am wondering if I should get a bottle of champagne?.. We’ll see. I guess it depends if my sister is coming to watch the ball drop. Otherwise I will probably have a bourbon and pass out on the couch!  I honestly am so over food this year. It was like so much rich food all at once and I am ready for a break! I lost 10 lbs in November and then gained back 6 in December!
My resolutions are: I will be back next year to write more! I am aiming at one blog per day Monday through Friday on working days, not holidays or vacation days . I will try to do that for a year and see where that takes me. I also would like to write another book or two and get that up on Amazon. I will be working on getting healthier both my mind an body. I want to get back into working out and eating better and find a psychiatrist. And then just spending time (and more mini getaways) and being present with my family.
What are your Resolutions? Any fun and festive new years day traditions?
Happy New Year!

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