The Stream

I was in middle school and starting to make friends for the first time in my life. You know more than one or two.  One of my friends was this girl named Melissa. We had to do a project for school so I went to her house a few times to work on it.
 She was really into saving the animals and I loved whales so we were going to save the whales together. After we did some of our project we rode our bikes down to this place called laddins rock. It was really a little wooded area in between some houses. But we would climb through the woods and just hang out.
We came upon a little stream full of leaves and rocks and we decided to clean it out so we spent a couple hours cleaning it. Over the next few days we worked our way up the stream cleaning it. One day we came back and our stream was dry.
It taught me that sometimes you need some leaves and rocks to keep the stream from moving to fast.

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