Merry Christmas Everyone

I was going to post a blog about my nightmares cause that’s the mindset I have been in lately. BUT I changed my mind because it’s Christmas and I am going to fake the crap out of it till I am happy… Or Tipsy and happy. So I had a change of heart on the Nightmare blog and decided to write a Christmas Blog. I sent my PCP an email and asked for a psychiatrist recommendation. She promptly responded with her suggestion and then I sent it to my husband to call because I’m to scared to call. Also, I don’t want to call from my job.  He said he would call when his work slows down. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know why I am so scared to call doctors. (He did call and we can’t find anyone in the area that is accepting new patients… That’s awesome.)
Anyway…. Back to Christmas.  We are low key Christmasing this year. I had everything delivered so I just have to wrap it over the weekend. I have everyone done except the dogs for their stockings. I will buy the steak over the weekend for dinner on Christmas. We’re going to grill and I will make some sides. We have Pj’s that I bought 4 years ago when we first bought our house, we might wear those.
4 years ago I made everyone wear flannels even though it was the hottest Christmas ever. For real, I think it was at least 80 degrees outside. My husband and I also lit a fire in the fire place because we just bought the house and we had a fire place so you have to light that on Christmas. We were all sweating and it was awesome. We might light the fire place this year, but not if it’s a billion degrees. I am not forcing anything this year. We’re just going to open our gifts and chill out.
My sister, niece, and in laws are coming to eat and I’ll probably find some movie to watch on TV. I have to work Wednesday. My husband is off with the kids all week. That’s pretty much it.
I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I hope everyone gets to spend time with the people they love and have a really good time. I hope you get what you are wishing for. Merry Christmas.

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