Fantastic Beast Movie Review

Went to the movies Tuesday night to see fantastic beasts. It was alright. Actually, It was really long, we all got bored. I did not read the book so I have no idea how long that is. I did read all the Harry Potter books and I do plan on rereading those with my kids when they are interested. Back to the movie, I felt like they tried to Jam way to much story into this movie. Sam’s review was the fighting was cool and then there was a phoenix and the guy blew up a mountain. Isabel’s review was that she was bored and she fell asleep shortly after finishing her gummy worms (about halfway through). Ray said he pretty much agreed with me and thought the movie was never going to end… I don’t know if I would go see it in the movie theater if it wasn’t half price Tuesday. I wouldn’t pay to see it again though. I might watch it again if there was nothing else on TV and it is free.

Next week we will see Mary Poppins!


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