Finishing up Christmas

So now that my daughters birthday is done it’s time to get to Christmas shopping. This year we are keeping it low key and shopping for the kids, each other and my sister. My sister’s birthday is Christmas eve so I always try to do one Birthday gift and one Christmas gift. In the correct wrapping paper for the holiday.  This is what our Christmas list will look like.
My daughter would like some American Girl stuff but since that is a lot of money she will be getting Target brand American Girls. AKA “My Generation”. Right now they have a deal were if you spend $100.00 on toys, you get $25.00 off… So I ordered her a few things to open.
My son would like a parrot. Santa will adopt a Parrot and  leave a note that if he researches what parrots need and how to take care of them, he might get one next year… . Then he wants some small things an a couple Nintendo switch games. So that’s what my husband will pick up for him.
My husband wanted an Easel. Our local Art store had a fantastic deal over the weekend so we got an Easel and a bunch of canvas for $250.00. Then I ordered him some CBD lotion to help with his aches and pain, that I ordered from and I was able to find a coupon code for 50% off! So yay for retail me not.
I would like an anklet. The one I had before broke. I love the sweet nothing  one from Catbird, so I believe my husband got that for me… You know, since I sent him the link and said this is what I want for Christmas. Hehe.
My niece is getting a new phone for Christmas, T mobile had a pretty good deal so my sister did a down payment and we’ll pay the monthly. We also got her some phone accessories to go with it.
My nephew is getting the Melissa and Doug ice cream shop set.
For my sister, I am going to get her some bed sheets cause that’s what she finally said she could use after I asked her a billion times. I’m also going to take her shopping for her birthday so she can pick our some clothes for herself. If I give her a gift card she will spend it on her daughter and my sister needs clothes. Then we’ll take her to dinner at her favorite place and get her an ice cream cake, cause that’s what she loves.
The kids had a holiday shop at school so they have some little gifts that they bought for everyone.
I’m going to get my coworkers something small. I usually do chocolate from trader joes because it’s yummy and reasonably priced, lotto tickets and a card.
I’ll get each teacher a $20.00 gift card to TJMAXX. And the crossing guard will get a gift card as well just because I wave at him every day.
The dogs will get new bones and bob the turtle will get something for his tank.
Then I go out and grab some small things for the stockings. My mom used to always load us up with candy, I am not a big fan of stockings full of candy. I’ll get some gloves, or socks, chap stick and whatever else I see that’s small and something I think the kids will like.
And that’s pretty much our Christmas! What do you do for Christmas???

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