School drop off sadness and mom guilt

Girl was sad this morning. I think it’s partly because she has a cold and she’s just not feeling 100%. She cried at drop off and made me feel awful. I told her that she needed to not focus on the sadness right now and go to school. I said you’re making yourself more sad, you know you have to go to school and I have to go to work. You will have a short day Friday. She gave me another kiss and another quick hug, took a deep breath and walked away really fast.

It really made me feel bad and I left feeling like I shouldn’t have said all that. I should have been like I know and given her a hug and held her. I know though that when I have done that in the past, she’s gotten more emotional and then I’m there hugging her for 10 minutes until a teacher comes over and takes her to class. Then I feel even more terrible cause I feel like I made it all worse. I don’t know.

Is there a good way to get through this where everyone is feeling okay and gets to where they need to be? I haven’t found it yet.


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