Christmas this year

We usually do a low key Christmas. Thanksgiving is when I do all the cooking and family comes over. Christmas is more of a relaxing day for us. This year it’s on a Tuesday and I have to work the next day. The kids are off for the week and so is my husband.
Christmas morning The kids wake up and we watch them open gifts and drink coffee. Then we just hang out and watch movies and play with new toys.
Christmas is when my sister and Niece come over around lunch. We cook something and open gifts and lay around and relax. Sometimes we make a fire.
This year I think we’re going to have Me ma and Pe paw come over and we’re going to grill some steaks and I’ll make some corn, baked potato and salads.
I think I might try to make this almond joy bark recipe.
That’s pretty much it. That’s how we will celebrate this year!
How do you usually celebrate?
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a nice one!

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