Some Mornings…

You ever have those mornings were you show up at work and you’re like how did I even get here? Do my clothes match? Did I rinse the conditioner out of my hair? Did I put mascara on?
This morning was something. I am at work, sure. I made it on time. The kids are dressed. I remembered hat day at school. I think I am put together okay. I don’t even remember looking in the mirror today! I think I did my makeup okay. I trust that my husband didn’t let me walk out of the house completely miss matched. I have my water and my apple, so there’s that.
I took my Vitamins on an empty stomach and chugged ice water and coffee  and ran out the door… and then threw up in the driveway while we were getting in the car to go to school and work. I really should take those things at night. The Vitamin D pills make me so nauseous sometimes. The I had to run back in the house to brush my teeth again and get water to clean the driveway. Then we talked in the car about me taking Vitamins and if they are bad for you. I usually go over the day with the kids so we’re all the same page about the day, when I’m picking them up and what they might want for dinner… Not today. So I think we’re having spaghetti.. I have no idea. The point is, some mornings are just like this I guess! Also, I hope I remembered to put deodorant on.

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