Party favor dilemma

My daughters 7th birthday party is coming up. I am super excited about this party. We rented the small ice skating rink and she can invite 20 kids (she invited 25 because no one RSVP’s for some reason and it drives me insane) and parents get to skate too for free (bonus!). My issue now is party favors.
I HATE wasting money and nothing makes me feel like I am wasting money more than spending $100 at party city on bouncy balls, penny candy and mini slime buckets… I am trying to be more clever this year. At my sons birthday party in June I gave out actual toys because toys r us ( I miss that store so much!) was going out of business and I got a ton of the mystery bags for less than $1.00 each. Unfortunately, I don’t have that option anymore.
So I am trying to think of some ideas… Nips and lotto tickets are not appropriate, correct? I’m kidding. Unless I make adult party favor bags. Which isn’t a bad Idea. Maybe I should start a side business…
Back to Bel’s party.
Right now  these are the options I am going to tell my daughter about later. Hopefully, she’ll go for one :
1.) I am thinking about going to Michaels and getting some of those mini craft kits for a couple dollars. Then just giving one to each child.
2.) Going to Walmart and getting 30 mystery bags… This might be more expensive than the party bags I am trying not to make.
3.) suck it up and make the damn party bags with $100.00 in bouncy balls, glittery slime, pencils and erasers.
4.) a book.
5.) a notepad and pen
6.) making something? (that was a suggestion from the Starbucks drive thru guy who got to hear all about my failed trip to 5 Below and Party city.)
Are these lame? I feel like these are pretty lame. Anyone have any good ideas? I have 1 and a half weeks to go.

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