CBD and ME!

My experience with cbd
I read a couple articles about cbd and the benefits of taking it. I had been dealing with some anxiety and I wanted to smoke pot and just chill so I could relax and get a good night sleep. Or even just slow down on the weekends and not be rushing to get 400 things done. I have nothing against smoking pot, in high school I used to love it! What I didn’t love is the fact that it’s illegal and no matter how common it was, if you get caught it could be really expensive. So I switched to drinking with my friends back then and lost all my connections as I got older. Then I got new jobs and got a husband and had a couple kids.
I usually have a couple glasses of wine to unwind after a hectic day or week but I noticed that I am starting to gain a little weight so I decided to cut some things out of my diet and alcohol was one of them. Some nights you just need a couple glasses or a bottle to relax though!
One of my friends mentioned that she smokes once in a while again and even offered me a bit. I took it but I was scared to smoke again, honestly.
I was worried that even though I have never been drug tested before at my current job, there might be that one chance it could happen. That would be my luck. I don’t need to worry about something else so it wasn’t worth it to me.
Then I read an article about cbd and I thought that this might be perfect! It seemed to help with everything I was feeling. Anxiety, aches and pains (cause I’m getting older!) it helps keep you calmer (cause 9 and 7 year old and yelling and bickering and omg calm, please) and some capsules have turmeric to help with inflammation. And it will not cause a positive drug test because it doesn’t contain THC (according to things I have read). You don’t get high.  I mean is there anything this stuff can’t do?? So yes, sign me up please!
I started with Sagely naturals. I had read an article on popsugar that recommended this product. I picked Sagely because it was capsules and not oil so I wouldn’t have to worry about the dose. It was slightly expensive in my opinion but I figured I would give it a shot. The capsules were $50 for a bottle of 30 and I used a 10% off promo code  for signing up for email. My husband and I split the first bottle. We actually noticed quite a difference pretty fast.
 My husband no longer needed Motrin for his neck pain and I was not feeling my shoulder pain as much  anymore. We started weight lifting in our garage and I truly believe that the cbd helped us not feel as sore as we should have. That one bottle turned into 2 and then 6. Then we tried the cbd cream and that shit is amazing!   Then we had to stop because it was getting to be a little expensive. $200 for a month of cbd for the two of us is a lot for me.  That’s part of my issue with sagely. We reached out and asked them if there was a subscription box that they did so maybe we would get a small discount. There is not yet, they said. We would love to order from them again but they never have any sales (except for the once a year Black Friday sale) and even a small break once in a while would be nice. We decided to wait for a subscription box and there hasn’t been one yet.
Recently I read another couple articles and one brand mentioned was diamond cbd. It was Black Friday and they have a cbd meds biotech brand with turmeric, buy one get one free. So $100.00 for 2 months supply. We are going to try this one next and see what we think. Plus, I know diamond cbd runs promotions a few times a month so it should be easy to get another deal along the way should we decide we love the product.
I don’t dislike sagely products. I actually love them. I just wish there were a few specials once in a while. Especially for long term customers.
We’ll see how the new brand goes and I will keep you updated!
Does anyone have any experience with cbd? What’s your favorite brand?

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