Pay for reviews?

I wrote a couple things,
a book called “Growing”  . It’s a short book full of short stories of a few moments in my life that really impacted me.
and a book called “Working my way through life”  Which is about some of the jobs I have held and how they lead me to the next job.
I have one other that I am working on and will hopefully have that up by the end of this year.
I want to promote them and it’s kind of hard when you have 2 children and a full time job. I thought maybe I should try to get a couple reviews from people I don’t know so that I can maybe sell a couple digital books. I googled indie book reviewers an wrote to a couple places, included my links and was hoping for anything I guess. Today I got an email that simply says “hi Jessica! We are a paid service. Thank you.”
I guess it’s nice that they wrote back but really? That’s bullshit.
Anyone have any good experiences or advice on getting a few reviews?
 I don’t really want to have anyone I know review it. I feel like that’s cheating. I do not want to pay someone to read it either. I feel like that’s a lie also. Is that really what people do?

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