Self Publishing

Books I have written and my experience.
I started to actually write this year about my life and experiences I have gone through. So far everything I have written is my true version of things. If you get a chance and want to read something fast, head on over and read please! Then feel free to leave a positive review!
My editor,  AKA my husband, is working on editing my next book called “Kissing all the Frogs’. It is about all my past loves and what happen and how I grew and eventually found my husband who is amazing. I will hopefully get that book published this evening once he’s finished. I have 2 other books I have published already.
“Growing” is my first book. . It’s a collection of a few parts of my life that really stand out and have helped shape me in one way or another.
“Working my way through life” is my second book.  . I realized that I have had a ton of jobs in my life and I wrote a book about it. I am currently working on my next steps in life, where I want to go and what I want to do. I am not afraid to start over I just have to figure out what direction I want to go. I am currently writing and writing to see where that goes.
I have another book I have written and I just have to read it again and then send it to my super hot editor. Hopefully I will have that up mid December and then I can start working on whatever is next for me.
I have 2 kids books that I am working on as well, one that my daughter wrote called “Growing in color”… It’s really short and it needs to be illustrated. I published this first just to see how the KDP publisher worked. I will go back and add the illustrations in the future.
Then I have a book my son and I wrote called “Mozart the magician”. He wants to redo his illustrations and then I will scan it in and upload it. That should be cool and hopefully I will have that up by the end of this year too.
I have not sold anything, and I don’t even think anyone has even looked at it  but I keep the hope alive that maybe one day it will happen!
In the future I hope to publish something that is more of a story and fiction and not just stories of experiences I have gone through but I am finally giving this writing thing that I have dreamed of a shot and I will keep trying. I have tried for years to get poetry published and books. I have sent things all over and I never heard anything back, not even a not interested. I get that they are busy and they probably have a million things coming in, it’s just discouraging. Then I read an article about how to make side money and it mentioned a link about publishing your own books and selling them in digital format on Amazon. I signed up and got to writing. Everything is free and you can download templates and upload your book! They have a way that you can format it to be a paperback and then they will publish it as it sells and just take it out of the cost, I haven’t got that far yet, but maybe one day when I have some time I will.
The website is  You set up your own account and you can start publishing your own ebooks in 24 hours!
I will see where this road goes for a while and hopefully it was eventually be a side source and a new cash line for us… eventually. We’ll see!

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