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Buy a book and I’ll make a donation!

Happy Weekend!
I am going to try something new with my books. I have 4 books written. They are all short. 27-37 pages. I have them listed below and they are all $2.99 on amazon. I will be donating half of the proceeds ($1.04 per book) every month to a different non profit.
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Buy a book and half of the proceeds will go towards a mental health awareness non profit from now (3/15/2019)  till the end of April (since we are already half way through March).
I will announce the non profit on my blog at the end of April. If you have any recommendations, shoot me an email or comment and I will look into them.
So, what are you waiting for?
Pick a book and let’s donate!
This was a tough book for me to write. It’s stories of tough times I went through in my life.
Kissing all the frogs: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L1HPVX5
A short book on all the stupid relationships I had that eventually lead me to my husband.
Working my way through life: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K72DRZD
A short book on all the jobs I have had throughout my life and some things that I learned along the way.
Having Children and some things they don’t tell you  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKB848R
A Short book on the first 5 years of my kids lives and some things that I learned.

Can teachers be bullies?


I’m having a tough time with my child’s teacher. It went from her telling us that she prefers the girls over the boys (I have a boy) at our conference in December, to last week her questioning me about why I didn’t bring him to the holiday concert after school because she knows we went to the movies that night. I told her we had already bought the tickets and that he choose to go to the movies that night because he didn’t want to go to the holiday concert. Then I walked away and got angry… Is she questioning my parenting? And if so, then maybe it’s time I start questioning her teaching. What I do with my children after school hours is none of her damn business. Her job is to teach my child in a safe environment and currently he is having anxiety just going to school because he feels like he is constantly being targeted by her and getting in trouble. Why is that?
This week Monday she took his chap stick away because he got up to go get it without asking. He raised his hand and she wouldn’t call on him. Which has happened before. He needs his chap stick right now, he has a very dry irritation under his lip (which is clearly visible) and he needs the chap stick to sooth and protect it. She should not have taken it away.
Yesterday she wouldn’t let him go to the nurse when he asked because he had a headache. They were going to recess and it’s weirdly warm and springy here right now so he was trying to tell her that the humidity would make his headache worse but she yelled at him to get his jacket and go outside. So he cried and she said that she was finished talking to him and walked away. When I picked him up he was pale. When we got home he skipped dinner and went to bed and slept for 12 hours straight. He clearly did not feel well.
We have emailed the Principle and the Vice principle and we have a meeting tomorrow morning.
Can teachers be bullies? And then what do you do? Based on the principles email to confirm the meeting tomorrow, it already feels like they are defending this teacher instantly without looking into the situation.
Any advice?

9 and mental and emotional health

My son is having a hard time at school. In 2nd grade he was bullied by this little girl. In 3rd grade he was bullied by this little boy. Now in 4th grade he has to deal with mean girls and a mean teacher. We have been in contact with his teacher and the Vice principle. He kept telling us that the teacher was being mean to him and I found myself kind of siding with the teacher, like I am sure she was a little snarky because she has a class of 20 9 year old kids and she probably has to repeat herself one million times and I know I get angry after the 3rd reminder… Then I am thinking that, this is her job. She’s a 4th grade teacher and really she should have a little more patience. We waited for the conference.
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We go to the parent teacher conference in December and I am expecting her to be like “Oh, no, I don’t yell. I redirect.” Something like that. But no. The teacher flat out told me that she prefers the girls to the boys because they are nice and gentle and the boys at this age basically bounce off each other. She also admits that she does yell at the boys but it’s not just my son, it’s all of them… Hence, the vice principle being involved now. My son would be miserable every morning because he didn’t want to go to school. We have been working through it. It’s been a little over a month and my son seems to be better going to school. We’re trying to ask about the positive things that happen through out the day and then if anything happen that mad him feel upset and slowly it seems to be less and less… Or he’s just not telling us anymore.
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On top of this, a few weeks ago I got a call from the social worker. Apparently while all this other stuff was going on, some little bitch in art class told my son that the world would be better off without him and he agreed and said maybe he wouldn’t be in school the next day. So the social worker was called in to do a risk assessment. He was fine but she wanted to let me know what happen. I thought maybe it was the video games or something and he didn’t really mean it.
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When I picked him up that day he said he actually did mean it. He was feeling so sad with everyone being mean to him that he felt like he didn’t want to be there any more. That broke my heart. We had a huge heart to heart and we immediately called to get on a list to bring him to speak to a therapist. We go today. I am really nervous but I really hope they can teach all of us better tools with how to deal with this.  It’s crazy how mean kids are and it doesn’t help when the teacher sucks too. So we will see. Wish us luck please.
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