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Rent The Runway- Week 3 and 4

This is a combined review because there was Thanksgiving and then my daughters birthday.

These 2 I received right before Thanksgiving:

3x1 - 3x1 x Jason Wu Denim Trousers

I LOVED these jeans. They were super comfortable and I got lots of compliments and I felt great in them. I might rent them again and possibly buy them.

Tanya Taylor - Floral Antia Top

This one had noticeable wear on it. It was nice and fit nice but one sleeve had a few pulls in the fabric and one of the strings that hangs off was missing the bottom. I wore it to work and received some compliments but come Thanksgiving I opted not to re wear it.

These are the 4 pieces I picked after sending my Thanksgiving picks back.

I wanted something different so first I picked this velvet vest.

Velvet Hana Vest by La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni


I really liked this. My husband said I looked like a wrestler which I guess is a compliment? My coworkers at work who I barely talk to stopped to compliment me. Some touched me because it’s velvet and pretty. The girls at the front desk had lots of questions about what “rent the runway” was. I really did like this as something different and fun to wear. I felt good and confident in it too. And I loved the big pockets! The only downside was that the front flaps kept folding forward so I kept fixing it but that honestly wasn’t that terrible. The inside reminded me of a scuba suit but the outside was beautiful. I would have kept it to wear again but I now look forward to trying new things every week. So back it went.

Olive Blouson Sleeve Shirt by Fifteen Twenty

I wore this with black pants and boots. I liked it. It was comfortable and the poof in the sleeves had me feeling a little like a chef or an artist. I got a few compliments. The fabric was thicker which was nice because it’s chilly in these parts at the moment.


Tie Dye Hoodie by Proenza Schouler White Label

I rented these 2 pieces for my daughters birthday weekend. According to the website this sweatshirt retails for $325.00. I wanted to try it out to see what on earth could be so special about a sweatshirt to justify it being so expensive… Turns out, nothing. It was a hoodie and while it was comfortable, I didn’t think anything special about it. I actually prefer my husbands hoodies to this.


The Cropped Boot Cut Jeans by Current/Elliott

These pants had a really weird length. like right above my ankle. So they weren’t quite capris but not exactly what I consider regular jean length, which would be to the top of my shoe at least. I spent a lot of time pulling these down but then I felt like I had a baggy butt. I wanted to love them but I didn’t. Back they go with the way overpriced sweatshirt.

Image result for waiting on rent the runway free image

I can’t wait for my next shipment! Honestly, I really want to hate this service but I can’t. I am having a lot of fun trying new things and I feel like my closet is never ending now.

If you are interested in trying, please use my link. You get $100.00 off your first month and I get $100.00 off a month for me too (which is a huge help!)! https://rtr.app.link/e/gcgO9OGRj2