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Planning a Trip to California with Kids

My son is turning 10 this year in June and he’s always asked if we can go to Lego land. I read that the Lego land in California is so much better than the one in Florida. The past 2 years we have gone to Florida to Disney World. One year we stayed on the Resort and the next year we stayed in our friends timeshare down the street from Disney world. Both times were fun.
This year we are going with our Friends to Virginia so I figured that I would plan a super surprise birthday present for my son. We are going to fly out to California on his birthday and stay at Lego land for 2 nights…
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Then we will rent a convertible and stay in a hotel in San Diego and spend the next 5 days exploring. I plan on going to the zoo one day. I was looking at Disney Land but it is really expensive! Seriously, for 2 nights to stay at Disney Land I can rent a car and stay somewhere else with a kitchen for 5 days and buy groceries. Is Disney land really worth that? I don’t know.
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I am thinking of getting the California Explorer Pass and picking the Universal Studios attraction since we already are staying at Lego land in the Castle.
This is the pass:
 Has anyone used this pass before? Is it worth it? Are there any attractions that are a must see in California? I have only been there twice in my 20’s. Once to see the American Music awards and once to visit friends and hang out. I have never been there with Kids before and I am really excited!
This will be his 10th birthday present this year.

Jewelry and me

I am not big on Jewelry. I have always liked small pieces and vintage or antique styles. I use to look at Erica Weiner all the time. Some of her pieces are really pretty. It’s worth taking a look!  https://ericaweiner.com/  My sister in law brought me to a place in the city called Cat Bird and I recommend taking a look at their pieces too. They are really pretty. I currently have my eye on this ID bracelet: https://www.catbirdnyc.com/short-id-bracelet.html
Short ID Bracelet image
For my jewelry I keep it light. I have a necklace. It says mama. It was my gift on mothers day after I had my second child. I have an engagement ring and a wedding band. We put 10 diamonds in my band when we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary. I have two earring holes in each ear.  In one ear I have an Iolite stone for Isabel (my daughter) and the other ear has a Sapphire stone for Samuel (my son). Then a small diamond in the other hole.
Acrostic Alphabet Studs
I have a ID bracelet that reads SIRJ. Sam, Isabel, Ray (husband) and Jess (me). Also, that’s the name of our company that we are working on building! I have an anklet that I just like, it’s just really thin and I love it. That is my jewelry. What does yours mean?

Going on a mini trip with one child.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and I just haven’t. It popped back up in my mind again with all the stuff surrounding my son and school so here’s something that we did that was great.
I have a husband, son and Daughter. Usually the boys tend to want to stay home and my daughter and I go out shopping. She also likes to help me clean, and cook and we’ll just hang in bed and read. When we go shopping we usually go to a couple stores and she likes to look around and push the cart. My son does not enjoy going to more than one store and even then, he’s on the look out for something for himself. My husband doesn’t really care. He’ll come shopping if we all go, or he can stay home and hang out.
A couple months ago my Son was invited to a birthday party and hour and a half away. This birthday boy is one of his friends from preschool. There are 3 of them and we try to get them together a couple times a year. After preschool we bought a house in Norwalk, one boys parents already lived in Stamford (where the preschool was) and the other boy ended up moving a few years ago to Jersey. Anyway, I said sure! We would go, rent a hotel room and go to the party and then hang out the next morning before heading home. Then my husband could have a daddy daughter day too.
We left on a Saturday morning. I was so anxious driving down there. Honestly, I think it was because we always travel as a unit. There are 4 of us and we travel in a 4 pack. I was on the highway and my chest was fluttering and I just felt so weird leaving the other half of my family. So anxious…  Is that weird??? It settled down some about a half hour in. We got down to the hotel and got lunch. We checked in and hung out for a little bit. Then we headed to the birthday party. Afterwards, we went out to the diner with the preschool crew and then back to the kid who lived there’s house for a couple hours. It was nice, the boys had a lot of fun.
We headed back to the hotel. My son and I went for a late swim and then went back to the room and did mad libs. We were cracking up. The next morning we went for an early swim and then had some breakfast before meeting up with his preschool friend for a few hours and then heading home…
We had a blast. I swear it made us closer and we even seem to argue way less. I think I am going to start planning at least a yearly mini trip with just my boy. It was so nice to focus all my attention on just him and relax.
Anyone else do mini trips with just one child? Do you enjoy them too? Where have you gone?
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February and forward

January has been a pretty great month for my blog! Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed and to everyone who takes a moment to read something I have written. I really do appreciate all the likes and comments and it’s giving me confidence to keep going. I am looking forward to this year.
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I have a few vacations that we will be taking this year so I am really looking forward to creating blogs on those trips. We plan on going to Boston, Lego land and California, Rhode Island, Virginia for a week and then Cape cod for my birthday. The week long trips will be to Cali and Virginia. Has anyone gone to any of these places and is there any recommendations of place we need to go eat, or visit, or eat? Sorry, I skipped breakfast. Also, I love to eat.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I will be back Monday with a new blog post!
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