Planning a Trip to California with Kids

My son is turning 10 this year in June and he’s always asked if we can go to Lego land. I read that the Lego land in California is so much better than the one in Florida. The past 2 years we have gone to Florida to Disney World. One year we stayed on the Resort and the next year we stayed in our friends timeshare down the street from Disney world. Both times were fun.
This year we are going with our Friends to Virginia so I figured that I would plan a super surprise birthday present for my son. We are going to fly out to California on his birthday and stay at Lego land for 2 nights…
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Then we will rent a convertible and stay in a hotel in San Diego and spend the next 5 days exploring. I plan on going to the zoo one day. I was looking at Disney Land but it is really expensive! Seriously, for 2 nights to stay at Disney Land I can rent a car and stay somewhere else with a kitchen for 5 days and buy groceries. Is Disney land really worth that? I don’t know.
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I am thinking of getting the California Explorer Pass and picking the Universal Studios attraction since we already are staying at Lego land in the Castle.
This is the pass:
 Has anyone used this pass before? Is it worth it? Are there any attractions that are a must see in California? I have only been there twice in my 20’s. Once to see the American Music awards and once to visit friends and hang out. I have never been there with Kids before and I am really excited!
This will be his 10th birthday present this year.

7 thoughts on “Planning a Trip to California with Kids

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Legoland, but as a childless adult- I can’t! I’m a huge Disney fan, so I’d probably choose Disneyland, but I’m guessing doing something else may be of more value to you. I have not been to Disneyland since I was a kid, and there’s a lot of differences between Disneyland and WDW!

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  2. That’s such a nice birthday surprise for your son! Unfortunately, I’ve never been to San Diego so I can’t vouch for the pass, but it looks you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Hope you guys have fun!

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  3. I wasn’t that keen on Disney in .CA, Universal is fab though. Can’t help with the pass but we’ve always got our tickets from attractiontickets direct in the UK much cheaper than anywhere and great service.
    When are you going? I have a couple of new posts to do on free attractions in San Diego and where to eat.
    Also check out my post about roadtripping in the USA. Hope they’ll be something useful on there for you.


  4. That sounds like a really fun trip. I suggest going to see the Midway in San Diego. It’s an old navy ship and is an amazing trip. Also, Coronado Island is a scenic drive and the island itself is beautiful. Have a fun trip. Raheela

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