Top Ten things I learned from 1 1/2 years of blogging

1.) Really enjoy it. For me, it’s a hobby. Would I love to make a full time salary off it and be able to do it full time? Of course! Will that happen for me? Probably not. In a year and a half I made a grand total of $8.00 off ads on my blog and $20.00 in book sales. I write because I love to and I found that since it is a favorite hobby, I want to keep in enjoyable.
Blogging, the things I have learned after 1 year ...
2.) Don’t test products unless you really want to promote them.
I did a review of a product and I had to promote it for 2 weeks. I loved getting the stuff and trying it out, I didn’t like promoting it so much all over. That’s just me though and probably why I haven’t looked for other things. Would I love to get free stuff?? Yeah! But I only would want to promote the stuff I really, really wanted to tell my readers about. In my case I signed a contract and then I was mad at myself.
Want to be a PRbyMeghan Product Tester? | prbymeghan
3.) Do not agree to guest blog on someone else’s blog UNLESS you REALLY want to.
A long time ago I was asked to participate in a travel blog collection. Someone was doing an all 50 states and where should you go type of collection. I thought it sounded really cool and I figured it would link back to my blog, so more traffic. I was asked to do my state and I wrote about all the places that we loved to visit, where to eat and all the fun things we liked to do.
Writing it wasn’t a problem, what sort of made me upset was I was asked to add a bunch of stuff and then I never really saw it promoted by the person once they posted it on their blog.
I ended up posting it to my blog after a couple months because I worked really hard on it. Probably harder than I worked on a lot of my previous blogs at that point. I was proud of it. It inspired me to write about a lot of our family vacations and where we go and what we do… I just started a virtual trip weekly since I can’t plan real vacations right now.
How to do Guest Blogging? – The Ultimate Guide
4.) Support other blogs and you will see it returned. Even if you don’t get supported back, support other blogs anyway. I love finding good people to follow and even though I don’t read every single week, I try to stop by at least once a month to see what they are up too. Like, follow, comment, participate.
11 Fantastic Ways to Help and Support Bloggers You Love
5.) Set goals but don’t beat yourself up about not hitting them.
In the beginning I was all about views. All about it. I counted them and loved seeing the daily and monthly views grow. And then they didn’t for a while. They just stayed around the same and I really got discouraged. I promised myself I would give it a good year and I did. Some months are better, some months are not that great. Any views are better than no views.
Best Goal-Setting Journals | POPSUGAR Fitness
6.) Take a break if you need too.
I really burned out last summer. My initial goal was to post one blog every day that I went to my real job. Like it wouldn’t be hard. I was such a fool. I found myself repeating myself throughout the blog posts because I was burning out.
It started to feel like a job some days just to come up with something new to write. I stopped forcing it. I now write a couple times a week, I promote each post for a few hours across twitter, pintrest and facebook and then I let it go.
I want to build content and I want it to be interesting.
Take a Break – Lionel Sneed Ministries
7.) Do not compare yourself to other people and their blogs.
There was one person who started around the same time as me and she was making money within months. I honestly felt like I wasn’t doing enough, like I should be doing more and like I was failing. When I asked, she said she would help me, if I took her course. I declined.
I am not a sales person, I have never been a good one. If you ask me what I think, I’ll tell you the truth. Do you need this? Probably not. Why?  Because if you asked my advice I would give it to you for free. I wouldn’t think of putting a course together and selling it. Because then I would have to sell it, and I am not a good sales person. But that’s how she’s making money. Great for her, not what I want to do.
I personally don’t have a lot of money to invest in this. I realized this is something I enjoy doing on the side of my work and family and that’s just the way it is for me, for now. The point is, don’t compare yourself to other people. Just do you.
Don't compare yourself to others - LJ Nissen's blog
8.) There is so much to learn and so much that goes into blogging. Writing is just the tip of it. Promoting, marketing and growing takes a lot of time. I joined other blogging sites, I cross post to a lot of places and I have finally given up on even looking at instagram. How to people blog on instagram?
I haven’t even scratched the surface of SEO, I don’t even really know what that means. But I try to pick good key words and pray for the best. If you’re in this to win, there is a lot to know.
Are blogs still relevant? A 2020 strategy for measuring blog ...
9.) Write what works for you. Write what you know. It’s easier.
I read a lot about how you need to pick a niche to be successful in blogging. That wasn’t for me. I’m not a niche writer. One day I feel like traveling and the next I want to review a movie. The next day I’m feeling kind of shitty and want to talk about that. I write what I want and that’s what works for me.
24 Blogging Stats You Need To Know - Constant Content
10.) Don’t give up! Keep writing. Keep doing it because you love it. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your work. You got this!
Don't Give Up on Your Writing - Dianne Jacob, Will Write For Food
After one and a half years, I will keep going. Lately, I have slowed down. Mostly because we aren’t going anywhere. I actually felt slightly depressed Monday about not having a BBQ and not being around my friends. It’s been almost 3 months now. So I didn’t even post a blog that day. I’m okay with that. After one and a half years I have sort of found my groove and I like my groove. It doesn’t make me money, but it does make me happy.
Happy Blogiversary!!!! – Mrs. Accountabilitee
What about you? What is something blogging really taught you? Why do you blog? Any advice for other bloggers?
Here’s to another year!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten things I learned from 1 1/2 years of blogging

  1. Not comparing myself to other bloggers is such a big thing for me. I know that I shouldn’t, but I catch myself doing it anyway.

    This is a great list! Very helpful for bloggers/hopeful bloggers to read.


  2. Thanks for this! I’m a pretty new blogger, and the more I join the community, the more I realize I have to learn! But I am really enjoying writing, and I am looking forward to learning new things, growing my audience, and hopefully helping some people build healthier lifestyles eventually.


  3. Not comparing ourselves to others is a big tick for me. I used to do that a little. Views and numbers – are just numbers, I prefer the comments and interaction these days plus views are so inexplicable – one day it’s through the roof then for a few days in a roof nothing to write home about – better not to check. Comments reflect if you are reaching people or not. I am beginning to really love the relationships I’ve formed in blog land and value them dearly. SEO nope – no idea either. Take my course – no thanks, not a salesman either. Great post.


  4. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m pretty new to all of f the and although it takes work it is fun! I started my blog during this pandemic. I’ve always wanted to blog, to work from home, I have family and friends who always want my recipes or my tips so I thought what better way to do that than to blog and hopefully make a little. So SEO is a pain I’d say that’s one of my biggest struggles, finding the right keywords to use that aren’t over used is really hard. I also find it harder having multiple categories that I blog about but I’m hopeful I’ll rank in Google one day. Trying not to compare to others is also a bit tough but I just trytobe my best self! Thank you for sharing!


  5. this is great! i need to really learn not to compare myself to others and just enjoy what i’m doing and be happy with my own progress ✨


  6. Much like you, I don’t blog for financial gain. I’d love to but I know I just don’t have the time to make it as successful as I’d want it to be.

    Keep writing, I enjoy reading your posts x


  7. I can really relate to everything you wrote. The only difference is I do this full time. My plan is to do this for a year and then comb the data to make a better educated plan for next year. I do this though because I enjoy it and I write about what I want. Thank you for this post.


  8. Thank you for such an honest post! I don’t have a niche either but can’t say if its a good thing yet… Writing is my passion and after fifteen years of not expressing myself due to depression, I couldn’t care less if I made $1 or $1m off it. Reading other people’s blogs is super fun because it gives perspective and inspires me to write more.


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