Birthday Celebrations and Lock down

Today is my friends 39th Birthday! Happy Birthday to Jenny!
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I had a dream last night it was my birthday (which is in September) and my husband was like “Happy 40th!” And I was like, “What? No! I’m 39…” And then he told me to do the math and I was actually 40. I had to check with him this morning that we are in fact 38 turning 39 this year, that’s how real it felt. Stupid dreams.
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Today since we can’t celebrate in person we are going to do a birthday parade drive-by. Honking and singing. My sister bought a cupcake making kit from the grocery store. It’s really cute! It’s got 3 icing bags, 12 cupcakes and sprinkles. We’re dropping this off with some balloons. That way she can have something fun to do with her kids too. Then later tonight, after the kids go to bed, we are going to meet on the App Houseparty and have a drink and hang out with a bunch of people. It should be fun! Not as much fun as hanging out together but better than nothing. I’m going to have a delicious dry martini with extra olives, yum.
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Sunday we are having a Zoom book club again. The second one now. We’re probably going to have to have at least two or three more of these. It’s sad because I miss my friends but I am also happy that we are all (or most of us) taking this seriously and being safe. I am happy that these apps exist and they make it easier for us all to get together.
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Could you imagine having to 3 way call, like when I was a kid? Someone would start off calling two people and then they would call and link the next person with 3 way, and they would call and link someone else until there were like 10 people on the phone.
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So that’s how we’re celebrating this year so that hopefully next year we can all be together to celebrate our 40th year.
Oh yeah, and it’s May 1st tomorrow!
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How are you celebrating birthdays during the lock downs?

5 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations and Lock down

  1. The cupcake kits sound so much fun and spending time on the Hosueparty app sounds like a great way to end the day with friends and family!


  2. Aweee that is so cute! haha we all have our weird dreams. I love this. I would love to see the cupcakes you make with the kit your sister gets you. & the book club call sounds amazing. 😀


  3. Great ideas and spirit. I had a birthday back in April (a big one) and we had a small outdoor socially distant driveway drink up. It was perfect under the circumstances. Here’s to getting back to normal!


  4. Last month, on 17th April we celebrated my wife’s birthday at home. Because of lockdown and we are in red zone we made a cake using chocolate biscuits. Still, It was really fun!


  5. Great idea for older people. Sadly my two teenaged sons whose birthdays were in April just wanted to spend the day at the Mall with friends but of course couldn’t.


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