I wish…

This is a personal wish list. Not one for the world, just for me.
Image result for personal wish list for life
I wish that my books would start to sell. Even just a couple a week would be encouraging.
I wish that I would be discovered and my books would be turned into a movie or a series.
Image result for wish to be best selling author
I wish that we could start planning a family move to San Diego.
Image result for wish to move to san diego la jolla
I wish that I believed in myself more and didn’t second guess myself all the time. I wish that I could be more confident.
Image result for wish to have more confidence
I wish I were more present in everything I did and not always thinking of the next thing.
I wish we could just pay off everything and sock a bunch directly into savings.
Image result for wish to have financial freedom
I wish I didn’t have to work, and I could choose what I wanted to do with out worrying about money.
Image result for wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up
I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wish I knew how to get there.
Image result for wish my family is healthy and happy
I wish my family stays healthy and I can be a positive role model for my kids.
I wish I would stay focused and lose the weight I want to lose.
Image result for wish to finish collage
I wish I could go back to school and finish my BA in something.
I am working on all this, I am a work in progress… But I if I could have wishes come true tomorrow, this would be my list.
Image result for what would you wish for?
What about you? If you had some personal wishes come true tomorrow, what would you wish for?

14 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. I love your list, it may seem like a dream but dreams come true to those who wait β€πŸ’™ If I could have any wish come true tomorrow I would be debt free and finally be pregnant, 5 long years of waiting for a baby would be worth the heartache xx


  2. Great post! I wish for my daughters to happy, healthy and truly know their worth and not let others define how they feel about themselves. Good luck with making all your wishes come true!


  3. There’s some kind of magic that happens when you write your dreams down or say them out loud. I verbalized a goal last week because someone asked me. I surpassed that goal this week. I’ve been trying to get poems published and that’s finally going to happen too. Great things are on the horizon for us both.


  4. Very good list. Hard work, persistence, grind, and positivity will go a long ways! Everything on this list can be achievable and I hope nothing but the best for you.


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