Rent the Runway Week 5!

Got hit with the $126.56 monthly fee. And that’s the rate for the first 4 months… Then it goes up $40.00 more per month. Honestly, it’s still worth it to me right now. I am having a blast trying new things and I am feeling good. I have been getting compliments from people I know and people I don’t know. It’s really nice. Picking things out and returning them is really easy, there is a UPS on the way to my husbands job so he usually drops it off in the morning and the next day it is back in Jersey and I get to pick out something new.

I wish I could have 3 bags though. So I could cycle everything a little faster. I tried to do that last week by only ordering one thing and it wouldn’t let me. I guess maybe it’s the shipping fees for them? I don’t know. Maybe I can try to request an extra bag to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

These are the 4 pieces I picked next and the review:

Parker - Grey Maxwell Sweater

I LOVE this sweater. I wore it to work with guess…. Yes, black pants and my boots. I’m still a little predictable. I feel amazing in it and it feels amazing on. It snowed here last night and the weight of this piece is really nice and warm. I got a compliment from someone in my department and then a compliment from someone I don’t even know in the kitchen. I almost didn’t know what to say cause it’s really new to me. I have given other people compliments but I don’t usually receive them for my clothes. I am honestly considering buying this sweater but I noticed on the website there is another one in different colors from the same designer… So I think I might rent that when I can. I actually kept this for the weekend too and wore it again to a birthday party  got compliments and felt amazing. There is another one that is different colors. I am planning on renting that one soon. But I don’t think I love this enough to fork over almost $100.00 for a sweater.

Slate & Willow - Navy Plaid Trousers

Ok. I am wearing these today with boots and a black sweater. These are awesome. I love them. I love the fit. There is an elastic in the back so they actually form and fit and the pockets don’t stick out! They go to 2 inches above my ankle. The fabric is stretchy and just fits my body well. I really like these. The only issue is that the fabric is also on the thinner side and it’s below freezing here right now. I think I might rent these again in the spring. I did get a couple compliments on these pants but the best part of all of this is that I feel better.

I have never been one who was into fashion at all. I love a great pair of jeans and a crispy white shirt and some sneakers. That’s my outfit all day everyday but this whole experiment has really made me realize how much fun fashion can be. Just trying new things and feeling great in your clothes.

For the weekend I ordered Jeans and a sweatshirt. We’re going to a Mariah Carey concert on Sunday so I plan on wearing this, as long as it fits. I wanted to be a little more festive because Mariah Carey Christmas is Festive  but I couldn’t find the red sweater I had in mind.

Citizens Of Humanity - Emannuelle Slim Bootcut Jeans

I ordered these honestly because they were the only jeans that looked long enough to cover my ankles. I don’t get why jeans are so short now. Hello, it’s winter! These fit and fit well and I love them but not enough to fork over $170.00 to own them. Do people really spend that much money on a pair of jeans now? I mean maybe I am doing it wrong. My most comfy jeans I own are either bargain banana, gap or Walmart. I did buy expensive jeans once before kids but even then they were like $100.00  not almost $200! Damn. Any way I am wearing these everyday till I send them back this week.

Side note : I wore these and some man followed me around the art supply store calling me Monica even though I informed him my name was definitely not Monica. In my head, Monica never called him back after a bad date.

Joie - Macrina Sweatshirt

I like this sweatshirt. I read a couple good reviews on it. And it fit nice. The only issue for me is it’s kind of cropped so I have to tuck in my tank top. I usually don’t tuck in my shirt. But that doesn’t matter to much because the jeans fit like a glove. I feel good in this. I’m not tempted to buy it for $79.00 though. Even at that discount, it’s a sweatshirt.

I sent everything back but the Jeans. Next week is going to be a little more relaxed because Christmas!


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