Can you control your face?

I honestly don’t think I can. I feel like I have the completely inappropriate reaction when someone tells me something horrible. And I truly feel bad but my face smiles. I just smile huge in whosoever face like “oh my god, that’s terrible!” And I’m smiling like an idiot. Or just a terrible person.
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But I am not! I swear! I do feel bad. I don’t want to smile, I promise. Kind of like when people I love hurt themselves. Not like seriously but like they fall down and my initial reaction is to laugh hysterically. Eventually I will calm down and be able to ask if you are okay, but that is after I laugh for about 5 completely wrong minutes. I think I have a problem. Is that normal?
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I also have questions pop out of my mouth that really shouldn’t be asked yet. It’s like I never had a filter, how do you get one of those? I am seriously starting to think there might be a medical condition to explain this. Other than terrible.
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I don’t know. What about you? Do you have any reactions that you just really can’t explain?

4 thoughts on “Can you control your face?

  1. I can control it most times but sometimes something is so funny or crazy that I can’t. I love being around people who have no control over it. You always know what they’re thinking and it’s a blast. LOL. Great post!


  2. I used to think that I was really good at hiding how I felt until my sister said, “…and you’re always polite, but I’ve seen your facial expression say, ‘this is complete bullsh*t but I am not going to say that right now.'”


  3. While I can control my facial expressions, mine is more that I have no guile whatsoever. When asked if I like a dress that someone obviously does, try as I might to smile and affirm, my expression betrays that I think its hideous! Someone trying to be funny in an obnoxious way, I try to smile through it but my face has a ” you’re a jerk” look. Lol
    As per inappropriate response, when someone falls down…I want to be like “Omg! Ate you ok” while rushing to their side but I double over into hisyerixs instead and I honestly cannot quell this immediate response! My husband oddly giggles when he’s in pain!


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