Monday Update

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a really great weekend!
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My weekend was pretty good. Saturday my husband and I scrubbed the house and then ordered Chinese food because I am not cooking on my freshly clean stove for at least for a few hours. Saturday night was book club! It was great. We went to one of the girls houses and sat around the fire pit and ate, drank and talked for 4 hours. It was fun. One of the girls is getting married this Friday! We’ll all be there for that. It’s going to be a really fun party, I can’t wait. I ended up making the pumpkin pie shots, it was pretty creamy and I thought it was good. I made a jar for the bride to be to take home for the week.
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Next book is “Girl, wash your face” By Rachel Hollis. This is a complete change from what we have read in the past. I am excited to read it. I also finished “Beloved” Friday night and I really enjoyed it. I think I might pick up “Jazz” By Toni Morrison next. I started “The Institute” by Stephen King Sunday. It was a super rainy day so I spent a few hours in bed reading and then a few hours trying to figure out my blog.
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Last week I got a notice that my WordPress site was about to charge for another year. I decided to look into the business plan to see if I can start adding plug ins to generate more traffic. It would be great to make a little side money off this hobby. I put the business plan in my cart and tried to look for a promo code but I hit a wrong button and my payment was processed… Whoops. I have been trying to figure out if I should upgrade or not for the past few months and since it processed I figured I may as well keep it for a year to see what I can do.
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Sunday I sat down to try to figure out plug ins. I have no idea what I am doing. Honestly, I am not very good at IT stuff. That’s what my super cute husband is good at so I leave all that junk to him. Although I am not completely incompetent, I do get some stuff. So I tried to sit down Sunday and add some plug ins to see what those will do and if they will help. I tried to set up google ad sense and I got an email this morning it didn’t work. I have no idea what I am doing. Anyone use ad sense? What are your thoughts? Are there some plug ins that you love or recommend? I am going to play around and eventually I will write a blog about it.
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Happy Monday! I’m actually feeling good today. I think because there is a lot going on this week! Tomorrow we are going to see the new Addams Family movie, that review will be coming Wednesday. Thursday is Halloween and the kids are counting down. I hope that it’s not rainy. Friday, my friend is getting married! I can’t wait for that! And then it’s the weekend. Sunday is Daylight Savings time and I am looking forward to that extra hour. I am not looking forward to the super short days. I’m going to have to make sure I take my full hour lunch this year and get outside to walk.
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How about you? How’s your week looking?

3 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Sounds like a good weekend! Your book club sounds fun, I wish I had enough reader friends to start one of my own! Good luck figuring out all the plug-ins and such for your site. It’s a lot of work (hence why I haven’t looked into it all too deeply yet 😂). Happy Monday!


  2. I think you had great weekend, we sometimes tend to clean the stove before getting done with everything but we try to not lol cuz we need to keep clean on the first one. Great post!


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