Makeup and Me!

I don’t know why but this year I have just stopped wearing makeup on the weekends. I just don’t feel like applying it so I stopped.
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I thought I would be so self conscious about it but I’m actually not.  And my skin just feels better. I’m breaking out far less than before.  I added a vitamin C serum and upped all my vitamins. I got these great new vitamins from Thorne (see my review here: ) . A daily vitamin, Vitamin D and fish oil. I just feel like I glow more without makeup right now.
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I went to a bridal shower a couple weeks ago. It was a Sunday and I was running around all morning. I actually thought about putting some kind of makeup on but before I knew it was time to go and so I didn’t get around to it. Afterwards I heard that the mom of the bride said “Jess is so sweet and pretty but why doesn’t she wear any makeup?” And my friend said “if she’s so pretty why does she need it?” And her mom said “yeah, still?”
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This didn’t really bother me because I know this girls mother since I was 12 and she usually finds something to say about everyone, so I wasn’t really offended but it did get me thinking about why I use to wear makeup. I used it to cover my face, not to highlight it. I started when I was around 13, it was brown lipstick and lip liner. Purple eye shadow and a mess all over. It was the early 90’s, give me a break! I decided that I much preferred my own lip color so I stopped using lipstick all together and opted for lip gloss or chap stick.
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I liked the neural look so I eventually toned it all down to full face of foundation, pink eye shadow and mascara. I never learned how to apply eyeliner.. I try once in a while, but it doesn’t look right to me. I love it on other people, just like lipstick, but I always feel like I don’t look right with it. So put it on and wipe it off. (Wax on, wax off)
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A few years ago I went to a summer party at a friends house and I was talking to a girl I hadn’t seen in a while and we were talking about makeup. She seemed surprised when I told her I wore makeup at all. I said “Yeah, I do but I blend it to look natural. So I use foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara and sometimes eyeliner..” And as I was telling her how much makeup I use but saying I didn’t really wear much, I was thinking “Wow, I wear this everyday?!” That is a lot.
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I started to notice how makeup looked on other people. How they wore it. I started to adjust how I wore it too. Now to work I wear light foundation only where needed to even everything out with a swipe of eye shadow and one swipe of mascara. On the weekends and vacation I wear nothing. Just moisturizer and sunblock. Honestly, I do get self conscious sometimes. Do I look okay? But I personally feel better and more confident over all not wearing makeup.
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So for now, makeup and me is a pretty minimal thing. I love sephora. I love lotions and masks and serums. But I love natural and feeling natural and I am working on finding the right things that work for my skin to make it glow.
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I know that it’s an ever changing thing with me and I am pretty sure I will change my mind in the future and maybe add some eyeliner or maybe even lipstick, who knows? For now I like myself barefaced the most.
What’s your feeling on makeup? What are your favorite products?

11 thoughts on “Makeup and Me!

  1. Nice post! I’m not a big makeup wearer, just because I find it time-consuming. Natural radiance can come through just as easily with TLC for the skin. So I focus more on my skincare routine and enhance with little eye makeup.

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  2. Loved this post! I stopped wearing a lot of makeup a year or so ago when I was diagnosed with cystic acne. Just putting any sort of makeup on my face seemed to make my acne flair up and it just wasn’t worth it. So I stopped wearing makeup all together. And you know what? It was fine! When I was younger, all I did was wear cover up, foundation, eyeliner, etc (though I’ve never been great at eyeliner) and didn’t believe I looked okay without it. I actually refused to see guys I was dating at the time if I wasn’t wearing makeup. But now, I usually just wear moisturizer and sunscreen for casual days, and a light bb cream, mascara, and some eyeshadow on special occasions. It’s saved me a lot of money, and I feel a lot more comfortable with my skin now. And my skin is doing soooo much better now too!

    Emily |

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