Pizza hut, what the employees eat.

I loooved working in a restaurant. I really did. When you work in a restaurant eventually you get sick of the food and after a while you start to create your own things. I worked at Pizza Hut for 10 years of my life. Through high school and college. If our location never closed, I would probably still be working there. I still have dreams that I am working there and I wake up like where are all my checks?
I worked there right up until it closed and I found out I was pregnant with my son, about 11 years ago.
My husband and I  met while working there. It’s not as cute as it sounds, we hated each other. I was still there when he came home from the Marines and now cue the cuteness.
Anyway, we used to create some pretty interesting things when we were there. These are some of my favorites.  Related image
Wings with French dressing, well done.
Wings have to be cooked once through the oven. Then drenched in French dressing and put back half way to be cooked again. Image result for Pizza Hut Wings free image
I also loved their regular hot wings with blue cheese but the regular wings needed to be well done. At least 1 and a half times through the oven.
These wings below are not well done. Related image
Bread sticks dipped in Ranch Dressing. There is nothing more to this. Pizza Huts Ranch dressing is the only Ranch dressing I really love. Seriously, you can put that shit on anything.
Image result for Pizza Hut breadsticks free image well done
Fun Fact, I once gave a good friend a gallon of Ranch dressing for his birthday, we still talk about it.
Image result for Pizza Hut ranch dressing gallon free image well done
Cheese pizza dipped in Ranch dressing. Same as above. Ranch dressing, Yum. Image result for Pizza Hut personal pan cheese free image well done
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and bacon topping.
The grilled chicken and bacon topping cooked 3/4th way through the oven and then mixed with the Caesar salad from the salad bar. People loved the Caesar salad from here. On a lunch buffet or Friday night we would go through bowls and bowls of it. When you mixed in cooked toppings, amazing. I liked to throw some red onion on mine too.
Image result for Pizza Hut personal caesar salad free image well done
This pizza has no pictures because no one knows it ever existed.
Personal Pan dough thin crust pizza.
Take a personal pan pizza, pull it out of its pan and stretch the proofed dough as thin as possible without making holes. Then top with whatever you want. I used to just make it with Cheese. It was like a light, fluffy, amazing personal thin crust pizza. I have never been able to find something like this again.
Buffalo Chicken pizza. We used the buffalo dipping sauce, spread it out on a pizza crust and added chicken and whatever other toppings. I am not sure if they still have a buffalo chicken pizza now, but we used to make our own before they created one for the menu.
Image result for Pizza Hut buffalo chicken pizza free image well done
And honestly, the Supreme or Super Supreme pan pizza has to be one of my all time favorite pizza hut pizzas. My husband loved the P Zone made with all the super supreme toppings. Pepperoni, Beef, Pork, Sausage, Green Peppers, onion, mushroom and olives… I still know it.Image result for Pizza Hut supreme pan pizza free image well done
I love all kinds of pizza and I have had great pizza at a million other places, but this is strictly a pizza hut off menu post. Now I am hungry and since there are like zero pizza huts in Connecticut, I have to track a dine in location down.
Image result for Pizza Hut breadsticks free image well done
Anyone else work in fast food and make your own off menu things? What are your favorites?

14 thoughts on “Pizza hut, what the employees eat.

  1. That sounds like delicious job. I worked at Wendy’s and just remember putting pepper jack cheese on everything. It’s especially good grilled on top of chicken.


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  2. Mmmm and now I want cheesy ranch covered pizza

    I used to do fast food, my fav was always hot chocolate with an inch of coffee and so much soft serve ice cream. Annnnd root beer floats with mostly ice cream yum.

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  3. My mom worked at pizza hut in high school, I will have to ask if she’s familiar with any of these.
    When I worked as a waitress I loved to mix ranch and bleu cheese dressings and dip our salad crackers in it. Not really healthy but a good snack. We also had this great orange salad dressing (not sure what it is called but I have seen it at Walmart) that was amazing mixed with bleu cheese dressing on top of a chef salad. Mmmm

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  4. I once saw a Dominos delivery driver bring a pizza to a Pizza Hut because one of the employees ordered it. Can’t really blame them.


  5. I used to work at Casey’s General Store and I used to make a mini pizza, I just used the same amount of dough as the pizza slices used and made my own little pizza. Casey’s could probably make them and charge more then a slice and the customers wouldn’t know the different. They could make a lot of money if they did this.

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